If things had gone according to plan, we’d probably be talking about the New Mutants Blu-Ray release right now, not the ongoing drama preventing its theatrical release. The Josh Boone directed film has been said to be anything from passable to unwatchable and the film has now undergone serious reshoots. In a new interview with Anya Taylor-Joy, the actress portraying Majik, she had some good things to say about progress:

“Taylor-Joy said that returning to play Magik again has been “just great” and she’s confident that the movie will ultimately deliver the goods.

In regards to the quality of the reshoots, she had this to say:

“I think we’re making the movie that we set out to make, in the beginning. That’s what we’re going to end up delivering to people. It feels like the movie we all signed up to do, which is good.”

There are still many people who believe that neither New Mutants or X-Men: Dark Phoenix will ever see the light of day or, at most, will just end up as quiet releases on Disney’s upcoming streaming network. Dark Phoenix is currently undergoing significant reshoots of its own. It seems hard to believe that the studio would put forward this much effort if they didn’t have plans for the films. Let’s just hope that the films they end up with are worth seeing.