The Lego movies and tv shows have made Warner Bros well over a billion dollars over the last ten years, but Deadline is reporting that the studio just lost the license to Universal studios for the next five years. Here’s what Universal’s Donna Langley had to say:

“To partner with such an iconic brand that remains relevant and is constantly evolving allows for creativity in storytelling. We’re thrilled to start building out the next chapter of LEGO movies together with Jill and the LEGO team as they continue to inspire curiosity and innovation.”

While this is a major hit to Warner Bros, it does kind of make sense. Other than the first Lego Movie and Lego Batman, the rest of the franchise has been a little bit of a letdown. Besides, it’ll be interesting to see what Universal does with the property. Maybe we’ll get a Jurassic Park Lego film. Even better, maybe we’ll get a lego film where the Fast and Furious family has to take on the Universal Monsters for the fate of the world. It will also be interesting to see if we get a little crossover between the Univeral Theme Parks and Lego Land.