Despite a torrent of bad reviews from critics and a “somewhat” box office disappointment, Warner Bros. is going ahead with a “Green Lantern” sequel believing that it can still be a franchise and a tentpole film for WB.

During its second week, “Green Lantern” dropped nearly 66% at the domestic box office, grossing $18.4 million. It’s total now sits at $89.3 million. In perspective, other superhero films this summer such as Thor, dropped only 47% in its second week, while “X-Men: First Class” dropped 56%. The only superhero film to have a higher drop in its second week was “Hulk” at 70%.

At $89.3 million, “Green Lantern” still has grounds to recoup the $200 million needed to make it. There’s no doubt that “Green Lantern” was a gamble by the studio, but with its final “Harry Potter” film set for release next month, it’s a gamble WB can afford to make.

Expect “Green Lantern” to drop even further when “Transformers: Dark of the Moon” drops this week as it’s expected to crush the box office this weekend without any mercy.

Source: THR