There’s spoilers here so move on if you don’t want to know the fairly disappointing plot device that is being used to bring Batman and Superman to the same side of the fight in their upcoming BATMAN V SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE film.

The details come to us through CBM who got them from Heroic Hollywood and they are pretty lame. We already know that Batman and Superman do not get along at the beginning of the film. In fact, Batman seems to blame him for destroying one of the Wayne Corp. buildings (which was probably filled with his employees at the time.) The real question is what brings them together against Jesse Eisenberg?

If the rumors are right, then it just shows one more time how much creativity is lacking. Apparently Luthor is going to kidnap Superman’s Mom, Martha Kent.

Yup. No better way to get a hero who is driven by the death of his parents to team up with someone than by kidnapping their mom. You know, just like The Joker kidnapped Batman’s girlfriend in the Dark Knight, or just like every villain has done a thousand times in a thousand comics, tv shows, and movies.

Source: CBM