With the news of Joss Whedon disconnecting from the Batgirl movie, there isn’t a lot of focus going on today with Flashpoint, the film that could be used as a jumping off point for the next phase of the DCEU. Thankfully, we’ve got some reports from a few outlets that could shed some light.

It’s been known for a while now that Spider-Man: Homecoming screenwriters John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein have been in talks to direct the movie for a while, but THR is reporting that they’ve just been told by the pair (at the premier of their new film, Game Night), that the deal has yet to be finalized:

“We’re still negotiating,” Daley said at the premiere of their latest directorial effort, Game Night, a comedy thriller starring Jason Bateman and Rachel McAdams. “Deals are in the works right now.”

They insist that they haven’t started working on the script of the film, called Flashpoint, yet because “we have to sign the deal,” Daley said. “Hopefully, it will work out.”

Then there’s a new report from the Hashtag show, that claims to know a lot about the upcoming film, including the unexpected choice for the big bad.

According to the report, the film currently includes of cast of: Ezra Miller (The Flash), Cyborg (Ray Fisher), Billy Crudup (Henry Allen), and Iris West (Kierset Clemons). Supposedly, casting is also being sought for the roles of Jonathan Chambers/Johnny Quick. Detective Jered Morillo, Caitlin Snow, Captain Cold, and Heatwave. While the film is set to include Eobard Thawne/ The Reverse Flash in an “interesting way,” The report has Dr. Light appearing as the main villain of the film.

How much of this can we believe? I’m not sure. It’s hard to look at a list of characters when the team working on the film say they haven’t started working on the script. If Game Night does well this weekend, you can bet that Warner Bros will find a way to get the deal signed announced by early next week.