The Micellis are making their way back to the big screen. Who’s the Boss? was a staple on TV from the time it premiered in 1984 until it ended in 1992. The show, if you don’t remember, was about Tony Micelli (Tony Danza), a former professional baseball player and single father who goes to work as a nanny for an upper-class family consisting of Angela Bower (Judith Light), her son (Danny Pintauro), and her mother Mona (Katherine Helmond). Anyone who really watched the show could tell you that the answer to the titular question of the show was Mona. She was definitely the boss.

Yesterday, it was announced that the series was finding new life after 28 years down the memory hole of American pop culture. Currently, we know that both Danza and Milano are on-board for the revival, but there has been no word about Light or Pintauro. Sadly, Katherine Helmond passed away last year at the age of 89.

If Judith Light doesn’t join up on the show, it will be a bummer, as she and Tony ended up together at the end of the original series. Meanwhile, Danny Pintauro has largely been out of the spotlight after a somewhat hectic life post-show including being outed by the National Enquirer and admitting to having formerly struggled with a drug addiction. According to Wikipedia, he is currently working as a vet tech, but it does appear that he is acting again on a series called “The Quarantine Bunch,” about a group of child stars who hold a regular Zoom chat support group online during the COVID-19 pandemic.