There’s a new rumor floating around the internet about the possible third bad guy entering into the fray in the final act of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. He’s an add-on that wasn’t even in the original script for the film, but Latinor Review is swearing that we’ll be seeing one more classic bad guy before the lights come back up.

The rumor is that we’ll be seeing none other than Bizarro making his way into the film as a way to help bridge this movie to the upcoming Justice League movies. It’s weird. I haven’t read DC comics in a long time, but when I did, Bizarro was a creature from an alternate universe that was not necessarily a bad guy, as much as he was the reverse of everything Superman… Almost special needs in some ways.

According to the new reports, Bizarro is now another one of the the clones that Luthor makes of Supes. If this is true, that makes the story even weaker in my opinion.

Based on the way they’ve made Doomsday look (angry baby), I definitely don’t trust them not to screw this up.

Meanwhile, it looks like we’ll be seeing Bizarro in some form or fashion on the small screen in the February 1st episode of CBS’ Supergirl.

Source: Collider

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