“Hanna,” one of the much buzzed about films on the Internet held a panel screening today that includes appearances by Hanna herself, Saoirse Ronan (The Lovely Bones) and director Joe Wright (Atonement). The presentation of Focus Feature’s latest film about a teenage assassin began with the airing of the theatrical trailer followed by two short scenes from the film.

The first scene begins with Hanna fleeing from a facility. She has a gun in her hand and we’re told that she shoots a scientist in her way as blood is seen splashing on her face. Her face is expressionless and she shows no remorse. We then indirectly see Hanna attacking another scientist. He is thrown violently against a wall.

The second scene involves Hanna being chased by two men in a shipyard maze full of shipping containers. The scene here is steady and fast paced with some very unique camera angles and probably one of the best chase scenes not in a “Borune” film. The chase lasts for a bit before they break out into a fight scene with Hanna taking down both men as her friend looks on in sheer disbelief.

During the panel presentation, Wright had much to say regarding the central theme of the film which is innocence trying to survive in a cold harsh world. The film has several layers to it and is no more a drama than an action film. Wright felt he had the responsibility to create a film that could comment on social and gender issues. Much of this has to do with the fact that modern feminism is shallow and more about exploitation than female empowerment. He even indirectly criticizes a certain movie currently playing in theaters that exploits women yet claims it as “empowerment.”

“The treatment of women in society, the objectivity of women, female empowerment, things that have been addressed by Hollywood but in most ways has been bastardized.”

Ronan agrees and supports Wright by stating that “Hanna” is a film about “interesting young women who leave an impression and forces people to talk about these issues.”

Overall, it was a strong presentation and the footage shown was amazing. I almost forgot to mention, we also heard a bit of music by The Chemical Brothers, a band who Wright has admitted in press rounds that he is embarrassingly a big fan of and has always wanted to work with.