“Alice in Wonderland” screenwriter Linda Woolverton has just been signed to the big screen “Maleficent,” a live-action take on the evil green-skinned queen in the 1959 animated classic “Sleeping Beauty.”

THR reports that “Maleficent” might even reunite Woolverton with Tim Burton, who piqued about his interest in the project back in January.

No official deal has been made with Burton, and the hiring of Woolverton is the first concrete step forward in its development.

“Maleficent” would tell the classic fairy tale of “Sleeping Beauty” from the point of view of the “Mistress of All Evil,” and offer new insight and a new take on the classic tale. Maleficent has appeared in several Disney books and TV shows and is probably the most serious and darkest character from Disney’s villain gallery.

At this point, it’s unsure how dark or edgy Disney wants to take “Maleficent,” but this may be where Burton’s experience and vision comes into play.

Source: THR