When Sam Raimi bailed on the film a few weeks ago, people started to doubt it would happen. It has to, there’s no way that movie studios would leave that kind of potential money on the table. Warcraft is still one of the most popular and widely played video games in the world. I’m pretty sure that studio execs look at the existing audience for the film and drool like hungry dogs in front of a freshly filled litter box.

Today, Blizzard and Legendary Entertainment announced that Charles Leavitt ( “The Seventh Son”) has been brought in to take a whack at the script. Now they just need to finish it and find a new director that will get fans as excited as Sam Raimi did.

Sevenths Son, which stars Jeff Bridges, Ben Barnes and Julianne Moore won’t hit the big screen until Oct. 18, 2013, but if you are looking for samples of his work, you can always check out “Blood Diamond,” “The Mighty” and “K-PAX.”

This project is just one more tent pole feather in the cap for Legendary who is also working on a Mass Effect film as well as “Jack the Giant Killer,” “The Hangover Part III,” “Man of Steel,” “Pacific Rim,” “300: Battle of Artemisia” and “Seventh Son,” “42” , and “Godzilla.”

Source: Variety