Chris McCoy has been hired to write the second draft of Marvel’s upcoming Guardians of The Galaxy film. McCoy comes to the project with a huge amount of buzz after being on the Hollywood Blacklist three times. If you aren’t familiar with it, the blacklist is a list of scripts that is put out each year that are considered to be the best scripts that weren’t turned into films for that year. McCoy was sought out for this job because of his skill with writing “Quirkly Comedic Bents.”

Here’s some additional info from Marvel about the team members who will be appearing in the film when it hits theaters in 2014.

Drax The Destroyer, a human resurrected as a green warrior with the sole purpose of killing Thanos (the villain in the Avengers final scene tease); Groot, a giant tree-man; Star-Lord, a gun-toting half-human/half-alien inter-galactic vigilante; Rocket Raccoon, a genetically engineered animal with a knack for guns and explosives; and Gamora, the last survivor of her species who was saved by Thanos to be his assassin but now battles him.