IGN recently sat down with Blizzard executive VP of product development Frank Pearce. He had this to say about the progress on the World of Warcraft Feature Film.

“Legendary Pictures is currently trying to assign some names to write the screenplay and find someone to direct it, so it’s still really early in production,” Pearce informed MTV. “They want to make sure they get the right talent for those different parts, especially the screenwriting because that’s the foundation for the movie.”

Pearce was also asked if Warcraft would be a full CGI undertaking a la their World of Warcraft games. “[The idea] has come up in discussions but it’s not something we’ve really considered because it takes so long to generate just the brief amount of footage that we create for the game,” he said, adding, “It would definitely be really cool. There’s no question about that, it’s just that the quantity of work that it would take is more than we’re willing to take on at this point.”

Legendary Pictures is behind some great movies like The Dark Knight, 300, and the upcoming Watchmen film. This could mean that there are some very cool things in store for the WoW film franchise.