Variety is reporting that Robert Pattinson is currently in negotiations to take on the role of “The Batman” in Matt Reeves’ reboot for Warner Bros. The studio has yet to comment on the casting, but if it is true, it would bring Pattinson into his second major franchise after his stint in the Twilight Saga. You can expect there to be plenty of jokes about the vampire turned bat, and more than a few sparkly bat suits, but the actor has gone on to play in a series of acclaimed roles including the recent sci-fi film High Life.

With a release date for Matt Reeve’s ‘The Batman’ of June 25, 2021, it means Pattinson will be a very busy man as he’s set to start production of Christopher Nolan’s new film as The Batman is doing pre-production. That means he’ll probably have to jump from one production to the next with little to no rest.

The film will also be a marked change from the Ben Affleck Batman, which played the hero as a grizzled veteran. Instead, we’ll be seeing the younger actor play Batman’s earlier years as the world’s greatest detective.