I am happy to admit that I’ve never actually watched Dancing with the Stars… Until Tonight that is when our very own first Geek of the Month, Steve Wozniak became part of the cast. Ok, he wasn’t the most graceful swan on the show tonight, but damned if he didn’t have the most fun.

When all was said and done, Woz had the lowest score of the night with a 13 and the judges were nothing short of douchy to him. One judge even said: “It was like watching a teletubbie go mad at a gay pride parade.”

The judges need to take into account that while other contestants are professional athletes, stuntmen, and actors, Steve is a Tech guru who, while graceful on a Segway, has never been in a situation even close to this.

That is why YouBentMyWookie is calling all its readers to action. Let’s keep Woz alive! Got to ABC and Vote for him now!

Got to ABC.com now and vote for him. You can vote for him 13 times. Let’s keep Woz on the dancefloor!