MTV Splash recently had a chance to speak to Zack Whedon, the co-writer to “Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog” about the musical’s much-anticipated sequel.

According to Whedon, the sequel to the bona fide award-winner had been planned since the very beginning. “We’ve been planning it pretty much from the minute we finished the first one.” Additionally, both a title song and a few other songs have also already been written which Nathan Fillion recently revealed.

As for when production and filming will begin, Whedon explained that work is underway, however, he expects shooting to really begin once his brother Joss Whedon is done filming for the television series, “Dollhouse.”

“They finish up ‘Dollhouse’ in the winter—at least what they’ve scheduled to shoot thus far—so hopefully when that’s done, we’ll all be able to get together more frequently and grind it out,” he explained. “There are a couple of songs written. It’s very promising. We’re all very excited about where it goes.”

While Whedon could not reveal many details he did confirm that Dr. Horrible and Captain Hammer would, of course, be back in action.

“Yeah, you have to see them in the sequel,” he laughed. “We will expand the world a little bit into other areas you have not seen… and it will be hilarious.”

“We’re doing it for fun and for ourselves and for the fans,” he added. “So doing a sequel is really a no-brainer.”

Source: MTV Splash