Bibo Barmaid
$199.95 • Bibo • Get Yours Now

If we had to pick one phrase to describe the Bibo Barmaid, it would be Keurig for cocktails. Bibo is a great gift for anyone who loves a mixed drink but doesn’t like getting dressed up and heading to the bar to get one. We tested out the Bibo and it was amazingly simple. Just slip in one of the pre-mixed mixer packs (They currently offer Appletini, Cucumber Melon, Margarita, Tangerine Paloma, Mai Tai, and Rum Punch). Then, either slip in an alcohol pack or add your own liquor into the glass, then press a button, wait till the mixed drink comes out of the machine, add it to some ice, give it a shake and drift away to a mental vacation while you sip on your chilled, perfectly mixed cocktail. The Bibo Barmaid is one of those gifts that are perfect for people who like to entertain, or just people who like to entertain themselves. Besides, with the holidays coming up and family on the way, you know everyone is going to need a couple of cocktails. Why not get someone a machine that can whip up a delicious drink in as little as 20 seconds?

Adventure Wine Tote 
$124.95 • Picnic Time • Get Yours Now

Relaxing at the end of a day with a great glass of wine is fun, but there are better ways to do it than at home or in a restaurant.  If you’ve got a wine lover in your life who likes to live their life to the fullest, give them the wine tote that can go with them on a sunset hike, camping trip, or even just a long day of shopping. Picnic Tiem’s Adventure Wine Tote may look unassuming with its canvas tote bag, but once you pop the straps and look inside, you are treated you a miniature wine-lovers getaway. Open it up and you’ll find everything you need for a full wine service for two! There’s and acacia wood folding table, two PET stemless wine glasses, a corkscrew, and a bottle stripper. The only thing you need to provide is wine, which will stay cool in the bag’s insulated interior. A gift like this lets the right person in your life know that you love them and you know what makes them happen. It’s also a great gift to get a spouse or loved one with the promise that you’ll be using it together for years to come. 

Pilsner Beer Gift Set For Two
$99.95 • Picnic Time • Get Yours Now

Beer is more than just a beverage, it’s become a culture. If you have a friend or loved one who likes going to microbreweries, orders beer flights at the bar, or has more IPAs in their fridge than they do food, this Pilsner Beer Gift Set For Two is perfect for them! First of all, it comes in this stunning acacia wood box that makes a tremendous presentation, but inside, there’s two, 12 OZ glasses, 2 cork coasters, and a very handy bottle opener. This is not only a practical gift but one that makes a major statement. If you really want to be a heroic gift, pair it with a second package, filled with a great assortment of Pilsners so your giftee has something to test out their new set with. Heck, with it being a gift set for two, maybe they’ll even share it with you.

On The Rocks Granite Whiskey Chilling Stones with Hardwood Tray and Tumblers
$40.50 • Sea Stones • Get Yours Now

Putting Ice in Whiskey is for suckers. It dilutes the flavor of the drink and leaves you with a watered-down waste of alcohol. If you know someone who enjoys relaxing with a fine glass of whiskey, or any other spirit, consider the On The Rocks Whiskey Chilling Stones from Sea Stones. The set comes with a hardwood tray and two glasses so you already have something from which to sip your adult beverage. You just keep the stones in the freezer and then pop them into your drink when it’s cocktail time. They work wonderfully for chilling the beverage, plus, they stay colder for longer than ice lasts. You get a chilled drink without any of the added water to steal the flavor away from you. Aside from how great the stones work and look, we love that they were made out of recycled materials. The New Hampshire granite used to make these whiskey stones come from slabs of stone that didn’t make the cut or were damaged on their way to becoming kitchen countertops. You get a perfectly cooled drink, plus you get to drink it with the satisfaction that you kept granite out of a landfill. Can you believe people actually put granite in landfills?!?

Mystic Pint Glass
$14.95 • Barbuzzo • Get Yours Now

Move over Magic 8-Ball, the Mystic Pint Glass is here when you need it most! If you have a friend or loved one who’s judgment flies out the window the moment they finish their first pint of beer, you have just found the one gift they need. Based on the idea around the classic toy, this pint glass can answer any question you throw at it with 20 different answers ranging from “Absolutely” to “The Stars Say No.” This is a great gift for anyone who likes beer and a good laugh. 

Alcohol Shot Gun
$19.95 • Barbuzzo • Get Yours Now

Getting shots with your friends is some of the most fun you can have, but who needs shot glasses when you can fire the alcohol directly into their mouths with a shotgun?!? The alcohol Shot Gun is silly fun, that takes a night of drinking to the next level. It’s simple to use. You just load your liquor into the cartridge, slap it into the gun, aim, pull back and fire a shot straight into the face of your friend. It’s the holidays and you are going to want to get the alcohol into your system as fast as possible. Make it happen with the alcohol shotgun!

Pinball Pint Glass
$14.99 • Barbuzzo • Get Yours Now

Pinball is always more fun when you’re drinking a beer, so why not combine the two things into one awesome new thing? That’s the idea behind Barbuzzo’s Pinball Pint Glass, It’s a 16 OZ pint glass with a classic pinball game built into it. The only difference is that instead of earning triple points, you are picking the next thing you’ll be drinking that night. We loved the retro feel we got from pulling back the plunger and letting the ball fly around and around the pint glass until it finally landed on our next instruction, regardless of whether it was telling us bottom’s up, that we needed to yodel, or that we had to drop and give the pint 20 push-ups. 

Lab Shots Chemistry Shot Glasses
$14.99 • Barbuzzo • Get Yours Now

If you’re looking for a great stocking stuffer for the nerdy drinker in your life, you’ve got to check out the Lab Shots Chemistry Shot Glasses Set. Each four shot glass set comes with two beakers, one conical Erlenmeyer flask, and a round Florence flask. The set is great whether you want to experiment with your alcohol, or you just want to look extra smart when you party!

Cobra Kai and Miyagi Do Pint Glasses
$7.99 Each • Surreal Entertainment • Get Yours Now

Whether you are a fan of The Karate Kid movies or you just love the new YouTube Cobra Kai sequel series, there is no better way to wax off your thirst than with pint glasses emblazoned with the logos for the Cobra Kai and Miyagi Do Dojos. We really liked the design of these pint glasses because they went beyond just slapping a logo on them and the actually tinted the glass, giving it a bit more of a retro feel. These are great additions to anyone’s barware collection or just a great stocking stuffer for any fan of the franchise.