Morph Collapsible Foam Roller
$68 • Brazyn • Get Yours Now

If you’ve ever worked out, you can use a foam roller, but they aren’t all created equal and they can take up more room than they are worth. The latter is why we wanted to check out the Morph Foam Roller from Brazyn. It’s the first time we’d ever seen a foam roller that collapsed and we weren’t sure it would stand up to the weight of a 200lb+ man. Well, it not only held up, but it is one of the best foam rollers we’ve ever used. Aside from the bonus of it folding flat so we can stuff it in a backpack or a workout bag, Brazyn has outfitted the Morph with the perfect amount of firmness and softness to hit all the major muscle groups. It hurts so good in all the ways a great foam roller should and we can’t imagine a single runner, anyone who works out, or even anyone who just needs to work out the knots wanting to pass on this guy!

Morph Stick
$28.00 • Brazyn • Get Yours Now

Hand-held massage rolling sticks are a vital tool for people who work out regularly. Sure, using them hurts, but oh does it hurt so good. The big problem we have always had with them is that they are too long to get where you need to go. That’s one of the reasons we love Brazyn’s Morph Stick. It’s around half the length of any other rolling stick we have, and that gives us the maneuverability we need to get to smaller areas or to just aim with more control. Adding to that are the two add on foam wheels that easily slide on to the Morph Stick. We’ve never had the ability to pinpoint areas so specifically with a rolling stick. We aren’t going to lie… it’s intense. You might unlock some past life memories. As one of the testers said – “Whoah, I can taste colors!” If that’s not an endorsement, we aren’t sure what is!

Deluxe Nutritional, Environment, and Intolerance Analysis
$107.80 • 5 Strands • Get Yours Now

Do you have someone in your life who wants to know what’s working and what isn’t when it comes to their body? For them, we suggest the 5 Strands Deluxe Intolerance Test. With just a few strands of hair plucked from the back of your head, this test was able to tell us the foods that our body was becoming intolerant to, the environmental agents that were hurting us the most, and what nutritional factors our body was most deficient in. Just finding out our tester was low in several types of Vitamin B and Potassium helped him change his habits and see an immediate difference in the way he felt. The same went for finding out he was actually eating too much of certain veggies and grains and his body was starting to react poorly to them. The test was easy to take, they got back to us with results faster than we would have ever expected, and they were even willing to go over the results with us over the phone to make sure we understood all the data they sent us. If you are health-conscious or have someone on your gift list who is, this is a unique and thoughtful gift.

Genius Water-Free Dab Rig
$120.00 • Geniuspipe • Get Yours Now

Easy to clean, easy to load, and amazing to smoke, this water-free dab rig is the smoker’s dream this holiday season. The Genius Pipe is actually quite genius by itself. With an ingenious dimpled air passage design, this pipe helps cool the smoke and reduce drag while taking a hit of both flowers and oils. The bowl cover easily slides open for simple loading and slides back closed to keep your bowl safe and secure until you are ready to hit it, making it the ideal travel pipe!

Ready to try out your favorite concentrates? Simply attach and lock in the Genius Taster dab rig for an unbelievably smooth water-free hit. The rig is made of “the most superior Titanium II material, manually polished to gain a radiant shine, and then cleaned with medical-grade ultrasound equipment” and is simply beautiful. Trust us, you will not be disappointed with this purchase.

Smart Wifi Bulb
$11.00 • Linkind • Get Yours Now

Light can be a tricky thing. We need it to see, but too much of the wrong kind can hurt our eyes. That’s the great thing of the new wave of smart bulbs that have hit the market like Linkind’s Smart Wifi Bulb. Controlled either through its app or via Alexa, the bulb can shift between the yellow and blue tones you need to see things clearly or to rest your eyes. You can even set it on a timer, so it knows what time of day, the best kind of light works for you. You need a different kind of light depending on if you are reading, watching a movie, or just having dinner with your family. Too much of the wrong light can cause eye strain. People may look at you a little weird when they see an LED bulb from you under their Christmas tree, but once they try it out, they’ll be asking where you got it so they can make the rest of the bulbs in their house a whole lot smarter.

Cocoa Butter Soap Making Kit
$54.95 • Grow and Make • Get Yours Now

People feel better when they are clean, but there’s no more satisfying clean than the one that comes from the soap you made yourself. Tons of people give soap as a gift, but very few people make it and give it as a gift, or give people the tools to make it themselves. We tried out Grow and Make’s Cocoa Butter Soap Making Kit and we think it’s a great gift whether you want to make the soap yourself or give the kit as a gift. Either way, there is a lot of soap to be made here, because the kit comes with 3 LBs of soap base that is gluten-free, soy-free, and vegan (for those of you who have seen Fight Club recently). We loved how it made our skin feel and we really loved being able to play with different color options and the included essential oils (lavender, cedarwood, and blood orange). As an added bonus, this is more than just a great gift for any crafty person who would appreciate a good DIY kit. It’s also a great STEAM kit because it teaches kids the art behind something as common as soap!

Large Ooze Tube Fidget Desk Toy
$18.99 • Playlearn • Get Yours Now

Whether you are a kid or an adult, there has always been something meditative about ooze tubes. If you are stressed out, which most of us are during the holidays (and the rest of the year for that matter), just flip over your ooze tube and focus on the slow, steady stream of ooze as it flows from top to bottom. There’s something inherently relaxing about it. We spent some time with our giant Ooze tube this week and one of us actually dozed off. Forget the fact that this nearly 8″ tube just looks cool as all get out. The fact that it seems to be something that can calm us down when we are about to jump out of our skins makes it worth picking up and slipping under the tree, into a stocking, or even into your own home.

Therapy Putty For Kids and Adults
$16.99 • Playlearn • Get Yours Now

Forget about fidget spinners. Therapy putty is the fidget toy that’s so much more. Using therapy putty not only helps you calm down when you are stressed, and it helps you collect your thoughts so you can focus better, but it can actually make you stronger and help to heal you from repetitive stress injuries you get from activities like typing too much. Each putty is a different toughness. Find the one that’s the right starting point for you and start squeezing. You can use it just as a fidget toy or you can use it to build strength in your hands. When you feel like you are ready for it, move up to the next level of putty. Keep going until you’ve hit all five levels. We actually started at the lowest level and we are now up to level three. We were surprised at the relaxing effect that the putty had on us, but we were even more impressed that we can type for longer periods of time without getting cramps in our hands and wrists. If you know anyone who needs something in their hands at all times or someone who is always complaining about how much their hands hurt, Therapy Putty is one of the most thoughtful gifts you can give them this year.

12.5″ Glitter Wand
$12.99 • Playlearn • Get Yours Now

On the face of it, you might think it is strange to put a glitter wand in the health and wellness section. They were fun when we were kids, and now they are the most fun when your mind is on a little Aldus Huxley inspired field trip. So, why did we include them here? The slow-motion of the movement inside the wand has been proven to help kids calm down. It’s a lifesaver on long car rides when there isn’t a device available, and the movement of the shapes and colors within the wand has even been shown to help inspire the imagination. So, it calms you down. It calms your kids down on long car trips. And, it helps improve your imagination. Sign us up!