Tiny Robotics Lab
$19.99 • Smart Lab Toys • Get Yours Now

The only thing cooler than a tiny baking set is a tiny robotics lab. Thankfully, Smart Lab toys has us covered with another great STEAM set that teaches kids the basics of robotics and engineering in a cute and super fun new kit. Tiny Robots comes with everything you need to make fifteen unique builds, all of which are detailed in a colorful and informative fold-out that is very easy to follow for even the younger scientists on your list. We really loved how the set gave kids a chance to get hands-on experience with learning about anything from mechanical engineering and movement while building little robots that they can be proud of creating. If you’ve got a kid who has shown any interest in either robotics or just in STEAM in general, make their holiday by slipping Tiny Robots under the tree or in their stocking.

Handmade By Robots Ghostbusters Vinyl Figures
$11.99 • The Coop • Get Yours Now

If you have a giftee who loves Funko Pop! Figures and the Ghostbusters, this holiday season is a great chance to introduce them to a new line of vinyl collectibles that are much cooler than Popsm, and in our opinion, way more adorable. The line is called Handmade by Robots and the idea behind them is that robots wanted to make something that humans would love, but… they’re robots and something got lost in translation. The result is this new line of vinyl figures that looks like cuddly, soft, crocheted figures, but they are actually vinyl toys. For our money, we’ll take a Handmade By Robots Stay Puft Marshmallow Man or Slimer over a Pop! Any day. They are cuter, more detailed, and just way cooler to look at. At just $11.99 these figures work great as either a full gift or stocking stuffer. As an added bonus, these are the first two figures in a new line that is set to include a ton of great movies and TV shows in the future. The only thing better than finding something cool is finding it before the crowd.

Tiny Baking
$19.99 • Smart Lab Toys • Get Yours Now

Have you ever wondered how all those tiny baking videos on Instagram get made?  This is how. Smart Lab Toy’s Tiny Baking set, complete with all the tiny versions of the kitchen equipment you need to bake up anything from a pizza to a cake. But, while we loved how much fun this set was for the adults we had test it out, we loved it even more for what the kids who tested it out learned from using it. We were amazed at how quickly kids gravitated towards this kit because of how cute the food it made was. Then, once they got into the attached booklet, they were able to follow the recipes, make real food, and also learn the science behind everything from how taste buds work to  Why apples turn brown. This kit is fun and educational for both kids and adults. If you know anyone of any age who is interested in learning more about how food works while making the most adorable, tiny cupcakes in the world, this gift is great as either a full present or a stocking stuffer!

Zero Fucks Coins
$5.99-$24.99 • ZFG Inc. • Get Yours Now

It’s quite possible that the coins from ZFG Inc. gave us more joy than any other single thing we reviewed for this year’s holiday gift guide. We’ve seen them online for a while now, but this is the first time we’ve held them in our hands and we have to say, these are not just some junk novelty items. These are highly-detailed, heavy, quality coins. It’s almost scary to think that a coin that says “Have a Nice Day Asshole on one side and has a big middle finger emblazoned on the other could actually be at least a high quality as the coins that come out of the US Mint, but they are. However, as impressed as we were with the quality, it’s the laughter these coins bring with their design that makes them such an excellent gift. Whether it’s the Rats Ass coin, The original Zero Fucks Coin, The One Fuck Coin, The One Shit Coin, or the “Decision Maker”, there is a coin in here for everyone on your gift list this year. they even offer some of them in bulk, so you can give everyone you love your two cents or one fuck this holiday season in their stocking!

Monster Action Figure Bucket – Big Bucket of 100 Horror Toy Figures
$19.95 • SCS Direct • Get Yours Now

If you remember how much fun your old bucket of green army men used to be when you were a kid, but you want something a little different to stuff in someone’s stocking this year, SCS Direct’s Monster Action Figure Bucket could be the way to go, especially if you are filling the bucket of a horror fan. Instead of machine gunners and grenadiers, you get Frankenstein, Godzilla, Mummy, Cyclops, Werewolf, Demon, Lagoon, Dracula, Zombie, Giant Spider, Giant Moth, and two brand new different gravestones. We would have loved a huge army of monsters like this when we were kids. Hell, we kinda still do. At $19.95, this is either a great gift for one person, or you can split the set between a couple of different stockings and spread the holiday joy.

Traditional Molinillo Whisk
$15-$22 • Verve Culture • Get Yours Now

The Molinillo may look like a weapon, but the only things this is designed to beat are hot cocoa and cocktails. This traditional Mexican whisk is perfect for frothing up a batch of hot cocoa (especially Mexican Hot Cocoa) or muddling fruits and herbs for your favorite adult beverage. Using it is as simple as placing it between your palms and rolling it back and forth. It helped us elevate our cocoa every time we tried it. We loved the Molinillo because it’s not just a handy kitchen and bar tool, it’s a work of art and an absolute conversation starter for anyone who walks into your home. Also, at the price, it’s not only a great regular gift, it’s affordable enough that it also works as a stocking stuffer or host/hostess gift.

Gummy Chili Peppers
$2.95 • GiantGummyBears.com • Get Yours Now

Gummy Chili Peppers are an interesting thing. They start off with all the sweetness of a gummy, and then slowly creep in with the pain of jalapenos, habaneros, and ghost peppers. We had a chance to try all three of these spicy gummy treats and we were amazed at how spicy they really were. We eat raw jalapenos all the time, but even that one got us a little choked up  (in a good way). We will say this, the ghost pepper gummy is definitely not for the faint of heart. It doesn’t sneak up on you as much as it hits you like a ton of bricks. Grabbing a few of these and adding them to a gift basket, or just dropping one in the unsuspecting stocking of your loved ones will guarantee a gift that isn’t soon forgotten!

Gummy Burger
$7.45 • GiantGummyBears.com • Get Yours Now

We’ve never seen anything like the gummy burger before. It defied and surpassed expectations and became the sleeper hit of all the gummies we had a chance to check out for this year’s guide. What makes it so special?  This burger isn’t just a big gummy in the shape of a cheeseburger. That’s been done before. No, this chewy treat is actually several gummies, each layer has its own flavors, assembled to look like an unassuming sandwich. You can bite into the whole thing or separate each layer and enjoy them on their own. The buns were orange, the cheese was lemon, the patty is cherry, and the lettuce is sour apple. This might be the first time in our lives that the lettuce was one of the best parts of a burger!  A gift like this is great on its own, but it’s affordable enough that you don’t have to break the bank by dropping a few into some stockings.

Gummy Pickle
$5.95 • GiantGummyBears.com • Get Yours Now

Gummy foods are interesting because they look like one thing, but then they taste like gummy candy. That is until you try the Gummy Pickle. We were not expecting the experience that overcame us when we bit into a gummy pickle. Sure. it’s sweet and chewy like any good gummy should be, but it’s also got all the traditional dill pickle flavor that you’d want when you crack open a jar of pickles. It’s weird, but it’s good. We couldn’t help but go back for more bites out of a combination of craving and curiosity. During the holiday season, the idea of the Christmas Pickle takes on special significance. Sure, the tradition of hiding a pickle-shaped ornament seems to have no real cultural backing and is more tied to the fact that pickle-shaper ornaments were just part of the assortment Woolworth’s used to sell in the 19th century, but why mess with a great thing? In fact, why not take it to the next level and trade in that glass pickle for a tasty treat no one will expect.

Gummy Donut
$5.99 • GiantGummyBears.com • Get Yours Now

If your last name is Simpson, or you’ know a good-natured cop with a sweet tooth, you can’t go wrong with the gummy donut. It’s everything it promises to be. It looks like a donut, sprinkles and all, but this thing is pure gummy! There’s a definite fun-factor to this one which makes it an excellent stocking stuffer. Aside from the obvious (that it’s a donut!), we loved the sprinkles on top. It gave just a little something different texture-wise that made this treat truly unique

Official Rick and Morty Plumbus Candle
$12.99 • Geekstore.com • Get Yours Now

There’s not a single Rick and Morty fan out there who doesn’t know about The Plumbus. They’ve seen how it’s made, but until now they had no idea how it smelled. You can solve that problem this Christmas by slipping the Official Rick and Morty Plumbus Candle into their stocking. It comes in a cute metal tin, adorned with plenty of plumbuses… plumbi? It burns for over 25 hours, and it smells… well, it smells like a plumbus!  What exactly does a plumbus smell like? There’s no earthly definition for it, and we’re not even sure we could try. Some people who sniffed the candle smell strawberry vanilla ice cream and others smell birthday cake. We’ve got a feeling that whatever you desire most in the world, that’s what the plumbus candle smells like.

Makin Bacon Naughty Pigs Salt and Pepper Shaker Set
$10.99 • Big Mouth Inc. • Get Yours Now

Salt and pepper shakers are a thing that everyone needs, but they are often boring. No one will ever accuse Big Mouth Inc’s Naughty Pigs of being bland. In fact, they might be too hot for TV. Despite the fact that these two little piggies are currently going to market in a big way, we couldn’t help but fall in love with how adorable they are. They are ceramic, not plastic, which gives them a good quality feel. Whoever you give these little pigs to could possibly one day hand them down to their kids. This is not only a great stocking stuffer but perfect for a White Elephant gift exchange at an office with a very relaxed HR department.

Harry Potter Slytherin Alumni Gift Set – Includes Journal and Ceramic Mug (20 oz)
$19.95 • Seven20 • Get Yours Now

Everyone knows that Slytherin is the best house at Hogwarts. Sure, they might generate some of the most evil characters in the Potterverse, but they also have the most fun. They are definitely better than those do-gooder Gryffindors. If you’ve got a family member or friend who happens to speak parseltongue, the Alumni Gift Set is a great gift to consider. Along with a really nice 160-page journal, it also comes with a massive 20-ounce coffee mug. That’s big enough to hold enough Butter Beer to get the job done! What we liked the most about the design on both the Journal and the Mug is that they pay homage to Harry Potter, but they do it in the kind of understated way that you can walk around your office with a cup of coffee and not get any weird looks. If Slytherin isn’t your house, don’t worry. You can also get this set in Gryffindor.

Giant Elf Drinking Boot
$19.96 • Big Mouth Inc • Get Yours Now

Zicke zacke zicke zacke hoi hoi hoi! If you know that chant, then you are familiar with the German tradition of the drinking boot. Well, it’s Christmastime, so put away the regular boot and reach for this Giant Elf Drinking Boot. The ceramic, over-sized mug holds over 36 ounces of beer (or any other beverage) and is the perfect addition to any holiday festivity. As an added bonus, you can either use the Giant Elf Drinking Boot as a stocking stuffer, or you can just stuff it and use it to replace the stocking!

Studpop Magnetic Stud Finder
$10.50 • Studpop • Get Yours Now

Tools are always great gifts, and while we love high-tech, sometimes going for a low-tech solution is the best bet. That’s why, in a world of electronic stud finders, we love Studpop (Made in the USA). It doesn’t need to be calibrated. It doesn’t need batteries. It just needs you and a wall. Just slide the Studpop along the wall and when it moves over a stud fastener, the magnet in Studpop will pop to attention. We tried it on a bunch of different walls and it never failed us. In fact, the magnet was strong enough that Studpop would stay in place on the wall once you found your stud fastener. At $10.50, we also loved that the Studpop works just as well as a full gift as it does for a stocking stuffer. If you have anyone handy in your life, or even anyone who just needs to hang the occasional photo on the wall, this is a must-have!

Ghostbusters Ghost Trap Lunch Tote
$19.95 • The Coop • Get Yours Now

More and more people pack their own lunches every day. We aren’t just talking about kids at school, but grownups heading off to the office. Packing your own lunch is a lot healthier and cheaper than going out to eat every day with your co-workers. If you’re going to bring lunch to work, why not do it in one of the coolest lunch totes we’ve ever seen. The Ghostbusters Ghost Trap Lunch Tote from Crowded Coop is awesome. It looks like the ghost trap from the movies. It’s big enough to hold a good-sized lunch and some snacks, and it’s insulated and leak proof to make sure your food stays cool and stays inside the tote. In a world of black canvas lunch totes and paper bags, be the person who has their lunch in a ghost trap. Or, at least be the person who makes it possible for someone else to be that person this holiday season.

Ghostbusters Slimer Journal
$11.99 • The Coop • Get Yours Now

Everyone should have a journal, and if they are a Ghostbusters fan, there’s a 50/50 shot that this is the journal they need in their lives. This high-quality journal is hard-cover, has 232 pages inside to fill with thoughts, ideas, or just a list of people you want to make vanish when you get your own Infinity Gauntlet. Best of all, it’s got Slimer on it. He’s on the front, his butt’s on the back, and there’s an appropriately slimy message from him on the inside cover. This journal works great as either a full gift or as a stocking stuffer for the ghost busting journalier in your life.

Ghostbusters Ecto-1 Journal
$11.99 • The Coop • Get Yours Now

When we showed you The Coop’s Ghostbusters Slimer Journal, we said there was a 50/50 shot it would be the perfect journal for the Ghostbusters fan in your life. This journal is that other 50. A little more understated than the Slimer, this journal features the Ecto-1 on the cover in the format of an old-school VHS case. The theme is carried into the journal’s 232 pages with an interior design of a VCR tape in the background of every page. It’s there and it is definitely noticeable, but it is definitely faint enough that you don’t have to worry about the excellent design work getting in the way of your writing.

Harry Potter Drinking Glass with Hogwarts Crest Design
$15.00 • Paladone • Get Yours Now

Glasses are great gifts. They are useful, and in this case, extremely cool. You can give them on their own, or you can fill them with stuff. The problem with a lot of geeky glasses is that they are low quality. They are usually thin, or they are just pint glasses with designs printed on them. That’s what drew us to the officially licensed Hogwarts glass from Paladone. It’s solid, so you can feel the quality of it when you hold it in your hands. Also, instead of those typical printed on graphics, this glass has the Hogwarts Crest sculpted into the glass. You can feel it in your hands… and it feels awesome! Now we just need to fill it with some butterbeer!

The Toilet Mug
$13.00 • Paladone • Get Yours Now

What can we say about a mug that’s shaped like a toilet? We love it, that goes without saying. It’s perfect for the potty mouth in your life, or just anyone who hates the morning. C’mon… it’s a toilet!  If we had this on our desk, we’d fill it with chocolates when we weren’t using it to slurp down our daily dose of awake juice. In all seriousness though, the Toilet Mug is a great gift. You can bet that whoever you want to give this to doesn’t have one, and no one else is going to think of getting it for them. It works great as a stocking stuffer, gag gift, or even for that special something to offer up at this year’s white elephant exchange.

Harry Potter Sorting Hat Heat Change Coasters
$10.00 • Paladone • Get Yours Now

The Sorting hat is cool, but it’s not the kind of thing you can use when you’re drinking. That’s when this handy dandy coaster version comes into play from Paladone. These cork coasters all feature a black spot in the middle. When you place your favorite hot beverage on the coaster, it will reveal the house you’ve been sorted into. It’s clever, and a great way to make sure guests use coasters and stop leaving rings on your coffee table. That’s such a Hufflepuff move… This works great as a gift for any Harry Potter fan, or as a thoughtful addition to any holiday stocking.

Super Mario Bros Question Block 3D Light
$13.00 • Paladone • Get Yours Now

There are few sites more iconic to video game fans than the question block from Super Mario Bros. We know we’ve smashed Mario’s head into enough that the little plumber most definitely has CTE. Paladone’s officially licensed Super Mario Question Block Lamp is a great gift for any gamer in your life. At around 4” square, the block is the perfect addition to your desktop, or to a display of your Super Mario collectibles. It’s battery operated so you won’t have to waste power or USB cord space on it, and it just looks cool. The question block works great as a gift or as a stocking stuffer for literally any geek you know.

Friday The 13th Hardcover Journal Book
$14.99 • Bioworld • Get Yours Now

Not every journal needs to look like Lisa Frank just threw up on it. For the people looking for something a little darker and scarier when it comes to their personal journal, you can’t go wrong with Bioworld’s Friday The 13th Journal. With Jason Vorhees’ eyes peering at you from the hardcover of the book, it’s not only enough to make any horror fan happy, but it’s great for making the normies on the train think twice about sitting next to you. At 8”x6”, this journal is the perfect size to slip into a bag pocket without taking too much room, but big enough that you won’t feel cramped while writing on the 196 pages. If you have a horror fan who loves to journal, slip this in their stocking or under their tree this year.

Peanuts NASA Astronaut Snoopy Salt & Pepper Shakers
$19.99 • Vandor • Get Yours Now

Two of our favorite things are NASA and Snoopy. Until the new Apple + TV service started, we didn’t think that the two would get together, but they are here and Vandor is celebrating the union in an adorable ceramic salt and pepper shaker that puts Snoopy and a Rocket together to bring seasoning to your meals!  We love salt and pepper shakers as gifts. They are cute, they get people noticed when you bring them out for a meal, and they work excellently as both a smaller gift or a bigger stocking stuffer. If you’ve got any Snoopy or space fans on your gift list this year, we bet they’d love to season their next meal with Snoopy and a rocket ship!

Disney The Lion King Simba Sculpted Ceramic Mug
$17.99 • Vandor • Get Yours Now

Despite Disney’s best attempts to remake The Lion King as a CGI movie, the original animated classic is still the version locked in the hearts of kids and adults alike. If you have a friend who can periodically be heard humming Hakuna Matata or I just Can’t Wait To Be King to themselves, we’ve got a mug that you’re going to want to get them. It doesn’t just have a picture of Simba on it. This 14oz sculpted mug is Simba’s head! You can either use it and pretend to be Simba, or you can use it and pretend to be Scar. We won’t judge! It’s a great looking much that holds a lot of coffee. We love it as anything from a co-worker gift or stocking stuffer, to a small gift under the tree.

 Borderlands 3 – Claptrap 7″ Vinyl Figure
$14.95 • The Coop • Get Yours Now

If you’re looking for the perfect add-on gift or stocking stuffer for the Borderlands fan in your life, you might want to consider the Borderlands 3, 7” Claptrap vinyl figure. It’s the perfect desk accessory for fans of the game. It’s big enough to get noticed, but not too big to have on the shelf. The detailing on it is really stupendous for the price-point, and the sculpt does a great job of capturing the essence of the foul-mouthed little robot!

Destiny Ghost Vinyl – Generalist Shell
$9.99 • The Coop • Get Yours Now

For Gamers on your gift list who have logged more hours than they want to admit on Destiny, The Coop has created a great series of vinyl Shells that are sure to fit any taste. We had a chance to check out the 7” Generalist Shell and we loved the design and attention to detail for this vinyl collectible. If the Ghost isn’t your cup of tea, they also offer the Hunter, Lambda, Kill Tracker and Sundance Cayde-6.  Any Destiny fan would love to find one of these shells in their stocking or under the tree this Christmas.

Exit: The Abandoned Cabin | Exit: The Game
$14.99 • Thames and Kosmos • Get Yours Now

If you know someone who loves escape rooms, this is the perfect gift to slip in their stocking, under their tree, or to just show up with on a quiet holiday evening with some friends. The Exit game series from Thames and Kosmos is a lot of fun. We can’t tell you too much about any of the games without ruining them for you, but we tried The abandoned cabin and had a blast with our friends. It was easy to play, but still challenging escape room experience, complete with very interesting puzzles that we could play without leaving the house! IIf you are looking for variety, Exit also comes in a Pharaoh’s Tomb, and Secret Lab edition.

World’s Smallest
$4.99+ • Super Impulse Limited • Get Yours Now

If you’re looking for a super cool, and unique stocking stuffer to add to the mix this year, we recommend Super Impulse’s World’s Smallest Line. Basically, it’s a series of miniature versions of the toys you grew up with. They have everything from mini Rubik’s Cubes and My Little Ponies to Mini Perplexus and classic Playskool toys. They even have a couple of different versions of mini Hot wheels tracks with cars so small that they are around 1/5th the size of Micro Machines. We got to play with the Hot Wheels set that has a ramp and it was just as fun as when we were kids, but just a lot smaller. There’s literally something for everyone in the World’s Smallest line.

Lab Shots Chemistry Shot Glasses
$14.99 • Barbuzzo • Get Yours Now

If you’re looking for a great stocking stuffer for the nerdy drinker in your life, you’ve got to check out the Lab Shots Chemistry Shot Glasses Set. Each four-shot glass set comes with two beakers, one conical Erlenmeyer flask, and a round Florence flask. The set is great whether you want to experiment with your alcohol, or you just want to look extra smart when you party!

Cobra Kai and Miyagi Do Pint Glasses
$7.99 Each • Surreal Entertainment • Get Yours Now

Whether you are a fan of The Karate Kid movies or you just love the new YouTube Cobra Kai sequel series, there is no better way to wax off your thirst than with pint glasses emblazoned with the logos for the Cobra Kai and Miyagi Do Dojos. We really liked the design of these pint glasses because they went beyond just slapping a logo on them and the actually tinted the glass, giving it a bit more of a retro feel. These are great additions to anyone’s barware collection or just a great stocking stuffer for any fan of the franchise.

Magic Unicorn Taco Holder
$14.99 • Barbuzzo • Get Yours Now

Let’s say you need something to hold your taco, but dinosaurs aren’t really your thing. You want something that has a bit more of a My Little Pony vibe. For you, we introduce the Unicorn Magic Taco Holder. This Lavender unicorn comes complete with a tail and flowing mane (that we strongly advise you remove before placing a taco in it). It’s the perfect way to live out your taco fantasy, or just any fantasy that requires a tasty snack. If Tacos aren’t your thing, you can put anything from Waffles to sandwiches in this magical mare.

The Office Heat Change Mug
$14.99 • Surreal Entertainment • Get Yours Now

If you’ve got a boss who thinks of himself as the real-life equivalent of Michael Scott from The Office (at least in how well-loved he thinks he is), you can’t go wrong with sliding this mug across his desk this holiday season. Featuring Steve Carell on its face, it also includes a classic Michael Scott Quote that only fully reveals itself once a hot beverage is added to it. When the mug is cold, it just has the question “Would I rather be feared or loved? Easy. Both.” Then, with just a little hot water, the rest of the quote is revealed, “I want you to be afraid of how much you love me.”

Mr. Meeseeks Box Paperweight
$16.90 • Surreal Entertainment • Get One Now

While the world would be better if everyone had their own plumbus, we think that the one Rick and Morty item most people would most want to have is their own Mr. Meeseeks box. We can’t give you that. Honestly, if it existed, we’d try to hoard them all for ourselves. However, we can give you a great replica paperweight that sits on your desk and makes you long for a universe where you can conjure up a little blue guy to make all your dreams come true. The replica paperweight is a 3″x3″3″ cube designed to look exactly like the box that was made famous in the critically acclaimed TV series. If you know anyone who is a Rick and Morty fan, they’ll immediately recognize this paperweight and love you for getting it.

Rick and Morty Season 4 Mug
Price • Surreal Entertainment • Get Yours Now

It’s only three episodes in, but season four of Rick and Morty is turning out to be the most insane set of stories to come from the minds of Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon yet. If you have a friend or family member who loves the show and can’t shut up about how great it is, you want to get them this mug. Stylish and black, the Season 4 Rick and Morty Mug has a beautiful alien landscape on one face of the mug and the “King of S#!t” logo on the other. It not only shows off your love for the show, but it’s perfectly fitting for how most of your friends in cubicle jobs feel on any given day.

Large Ooze Tube Fidget Desk Toy
$18.99 • Playlearn • Get Yours Now

Whether you are a kid or an adult, there has always been something meditative about ooze tubes. If you are stressed out, which most of us are during the holidays (and the rest of the year for that matter), just flip over your ooze tube and focus on the slow, steady stream of ooze as it flows from top to bottom. There’s something inherently relaxing about it. We spent some time with our giant Ooze tube this week and one of us actually dozed off. Forget the fact that this nearly 8″ tube just looks cool as all get out. The fact that it seems to be something that can calm us down when we are about to jump out of our skins makes it worth picking up and slipping under the tree, into a stocking, or even into your own home.

Instant Snow
$14.99 • Playlearn • Get Yours Now

We featured Playlearn’s Instant Snow close to a decade ago and it is still one of those items we find ourselves constantly recommending to friends and family for a great stocking stuffer. We grew up in New England, but now we live in Florida. The closest thing we see to snow is sno cones. This is a simple way to give us the sense memory of what it’s like to let light, fluffy snowfall between our fingers. It can really help you get into the Christmas spirit, even when you are surrounded by palm trees and alligators. We even used some of it to help decorate the office for a holiday party this year. So, why did we bring it back this year? It turns out that Instant Snow is more than just fun, it actually can be beneficial as a sensory stimulation tool not unlike kinetic sand. For that reason alone, this little STEM gem is worth recommending again.

Fiber-Optic Mood Lamp
$12.99 • Playlearn • Get Yours Now

Low tech high tech, that’s how we’d describe this lamp. Growing up, fiber optics were the future. the idea that light could travel down those tiny threads and illuminate their tips so brightly was mind-blowing. Then, when you’d take your hand and brush it across the surface, causing all the threads to shimmer and wave around like a creature from the bottom of the sea. That will be why we always love fiber optic lamps and why we’ll always think they are great stocking stuffers. Give someone a little bit of that retro-tech wonder.