$17.73 • Discovery • Get Yours Now

We don’t care how much you love hot dogs, you’ll never love them as much as you will when they are served out of the back of a Brachiosaurus. That’s right, we’re talking about the Weeniesuarus, a gift that will wow any dinosaur or hot dog lover on your gift list. The great thing is that this foot-tall dino doesn’t just hold hot dogs. You can load up any snack you want and nosh away to your heart’s delight. We suggest filling it with cookies and watching The Land Before Time. Besides, everyone needs another reason to cry during the holidays. 

The Hungry Man Bowl
$14.99 • Barbuzzo • Get Yours Now

For the man in your life, who is either the big dog or just eats like one, there’s now the Hungry Man Bowl, the first dog bowl made just for humans. The bowl holds 20 oz, which is big enough for a pile of wings, a bellyful of spaghetti, or nearly a whole bag of tater tots covered in nacho cheese. We loved this as a gift idea, not only because it’s guaranteed to get a laugh out of whoever you give it to, but because you can actually use it. The bowl is dishwasher safe, but it’s metal, so don’t put it in the microwave or the only dog you’ll be seeing is the dalmation that rides in the fire truck. 

Chew Chew Train
$19.99 • Kidsfunwares • Get Yours Now

Getting small kids interested in eating can be a challenge. Sometimes it can help to just make the things they are eating off of more interesting. If you have parents of small kids on your gift list this year, you should definitely check out the Chew Chew Train. This awesome meal-set is designed to help instill healthy eating habits in children through portion control at a young age. That’s the good for you part. The fun part is that it’s a freakin train! When you aren’t using the Chew Chew Train, it looks like any other kid’s train, but when it’s time for dinner, you just break it down and one train becomes a bowl, a fork, 2 plates, a cup, a fork, and a spoon!  If this were around when we were kids, it’s the only thing I would have wanted to eat out of!

NASA Apollo Ceramic Cookie Jar
$39.95 • The Coop • Get Yours Now

Space and cookies. Are there two things that go better together? If you’ve got a friend who loves watching Nasa and Spacex launches while chomping on a chocolate chip cookie, you’ve got yourself the perfect gift here in the NASA Apollo Ceramic Cookie Jar. For a ceramic cookie jar, the design doesn’t look cartoony at all. It’s 8” tall, which means there’s plenty of room for treats, and it’s a great way to show your support for the 50th anniversary of the Moon Landing this year. This could be the coolest cookie jar we’ve ever featured!

Wash n’ Roar T-Rex Showerhead
$19.95 • Barbuzzo • Get Yours Now

Showers are refreshing, but it can still be a challenge to get going in the morning. That is until you look up and see a dayglo T-Rex skull coming right for you! That’s the fun of the Wasn n Roar showerhead from Barbuzzo. We’ve seen novelty showerheads before, but this one really blew us away. Before you even ask, yes, it still works as a good showerhead. Now that that’s out of the way, let’s talk about the sculpt. For a showerhead, we were really impressed with the look of the skull and the high level of detail they managed to jam into it. If you have any Dino lover or just a fan of the Jurassic Park/World movies, this is a great gift to slip under the tree. 

Little Mermaid Teapot
$24.95 • Vandor Products • Get Yours Now

Teapots are excellent gifts because they can work double-time as both a functional houseware and a great piece of decorative art. With the new Little Mermaid movie now in the works, now’s a great time to remember that it’s not going to be as good as the classic movie. Don’t believe us? Just watch the new Lion King or the new Beauty And The Beast… Anyways, if you’ve got someone on your gift who loves tea and The Little Mermaid, this is a great gift to grab for them. We loved the art featured on both sides of the teapot and we love that it is perfect as either a stand-alone gift or as part of a gift basket when filled with your favorite teas and biscuits. Going to a holiday party for a Disney lover?  This is the perfect host gift!

Gudetama Stoneware Sushi Set with Plate, Wasabi Dish & Chopsticks
$22.99 • Seven20 • Get Yours Now

If you’ve ever made sushi at home or ordered it from UberEats, you know that it just doesn’t feel right eating it out of the styrofoam carton or off of a regular dish. Everyone who loves sushi should have at least one sushi plate set in their home. And, if they have a little bit of laziness in their hearts, the Sanrio Gudetama Sushi Plate Set is a great one to have. This stoneware set comes with a beautifully designed dish that includes an illustration of a sushi roll and of Gudetama as a Tamago Nigiri. Along with the plate, you also get a handy sauce bowl and a very high-quality pair of chopsticks. Honestly, we don’t see why this wouldn’t be a great gift for anyone who loves Gudetama or Sanrio in general. There’s no law that you have to eat sushi from it. However, if you do have a Gudetama-loving sushi eater on your gift list, this is a no-brainer. 

Toy Story 4-Piece Ceramic Dinnerware Set With Scribble Characters
$39.99 • Seven20 • Get Yours Now

It used to be that the only cool dishes with your favorite characters on them were plastic. Thankfully, we are in the age of the geek and companies like Seven20 are putting out high-quality, ceramic dishes that let you can have out and not feel like a little kid. The Toy Story 4-piece dinner set is a great example. Using a minimalist scribble illustration, Seven20 has created a classy, yet fun set of dishes that will have almost everyone tearing up when they think about the ending of the movie. Also, we are suckers for square plates. They just look so much better than round ones. We were excited to see that this set came with a large dinner plate and a smaller one that were both square. That would have been enough for us, but the addition of a cereal bowl featuring Slinky Dog and Mr. Potato Head and a mug with the Little Green Men on it. This might just be our favorite new set of dishes.

Star Wars Desk Accessory Set 
$22.99 • Bioworld • Get Yours Now

If you have anyone on your gift list that likes to let their geek flag fly with class and style, and happens to also work in an office, you’ve got to check out Bioworld’s Star Wars Desk Accessory Set. We loved that this set of glass jars filled with 150 Thumb Tacks, 75 Paper Clips, And 15 Mini-Sized Binder Clips doesn’t even look like a Star Wars item to the casual observer. It’s only when you notice the gold tie fighters on the jars and the “Loyal to the Empire” logo on the base that you realize it’s not only Star Wars all the way, but it’s also 100% dark side. This gift is perfect for the Darth or Moff in your life. 

Donkey Kong Cookie Jar
$35.00 • Paladone • Get Yours Now

Donkey Kong might love bananas, but we’d bet that he’d take a good chocolate chip cookie over one if he had the chance. The First Ape of video games, Donkey Kong has been around for longer than most of the people reading this have been alive and he’s as cool as ever. He’s been the subject of more than a dozen video games, as well as a star in games like Smash Bros and Mario Kart. There’s no one out there who doesn’t love DK or fear his barrels. If you’ve got a cookie loving friend or family member on your gift list who loves Donkey Kong or just classic video games in general, don’t sleep on this awesome cookie jar from Paladone in the shape of Donkey Kong’s iconic barrels. It holds a ton of cookies and it even has a gasket on the lid to prevent the cookies from going stale and the owner from chipping the ceramics when they try to sneak a cookie out of it in the middle of the night. At the very least, we can promise you that no one else is going to get them anything close to this cool (especially if you fill it with cookies).

Peanuts NASA Astronaut Snoopy Salt & Pepper Shakers
$19.99 • Vandor • Get Yours Now

Two of our favorite things are NASA and Snoopy. Until the new Apple + TV service started, we didn’t think that the two would get together, but they are here and Vandor is celebrating the union in an adorable ceramic salt and pepper shaker that puts Snoopy and a Rocket together to bring seasoning to your meals!  We love salt and pepper shakers as gifts. They are cute, they get people noticed when you bring them out for a meal, and they work excellently as both a smaller gift or a bigger stocking stuffer. If you’ve got any Snoopy or space fans on your gift list this year, we bet they’d love to season their next meal with Snoopy and a rocket ship!

Star Wars Death Star Cheese Board
$43.95 • Picnic Time • Get Yours Now

Finding classy ways to express your inner geek can be a challenge, but the folks over at Picnic Time have created a beautiful wooden 10.2″ cheese board that will make any Star Wars fan happy while still keeping it classy enough for a dinner party. To be honest, though, what attracted us to this cheese board wasn’t the etched-in-image of The Death Star (though it is freakin cool!). No, what took this cheeseboard over the edge for us is the hidden compartment that contains all the tools you need for a proper cheese service. It has a cheese cleaver, a cheese plane, and a fork-tipped cheese knife. This gives you a tool for virtually every hardness of cheese. This is the perfect gift for anyone who loves Star Wars and Cheese… so pretty much everyone, right?

Darth Vader Billboard Glass Top Serving Tray
$65.95 • Picnic Time • Get Yours Now

If you’ve got a Star Wars fan who likes to entertain, another great gift to consider for them is Picnic Time’s Darth Vader Billboard Glass Top Serving Tray. This piece does double duty with a rubberwood cutting board and a removable glass serving tray that features a classic comic book style art print of Darth Vader, Boba Fett, and a StormTrooper. It’s a great tray for serving appetizers or drinks. It lets you show your love of a great movie while still giving the impression that you are an actual grown-up. This gift is perfect for anyone who loves Star Wars, especially if they lean towards the Dark Side. If Star Wars isn’t your thing, Picnic Time offers it in several other styles based on other Disney properties, college football, and the NFL.

Disney Evil Queen Cooler Tote
$46.95 • Picnic Time • Get Yours Now

It’s good to be bad. That’s why there are so many Disney fans obsessed with the villains. If you have a giftee on your list who loves the Evil Queen and appreciates the occasional poison apple, the Disney Evil Queen Cooler Tote could be a great gift to slip under the tree this year, or to fill with goodies when you head over to their home for a Christmas/Hanukkah dinner or holiday party. This sturdy, black cooler bag is emblazoned with the words of the Evil Queen from Snow White and is big enough to hold 24 cans, a ton of groceries, or a picnic lunch. It kept our food cool for hours when we took it with us for a day of holiday shopping. It also has a handy side pocket which is perfect for things like your wallet if you need to take it to the beach!

Stormtrooper PTX Cooler Backpack
$57.95 • Picnic Time • Get Yours Now

Cooler Backpacks are one of the handiest things we’ve ever seen. They make a day trip a million times better. It doesn’t matter if you are going on a hike, to the beach, a day at the theme parks, or even just a long day of shopping, having an easy to carry bag that keeps your food and drinks cool can be a live-saver. If it’s covered with Storm Troopers, that’s just icing on the cake. The Picnic Time PTX Cooler Backpack is one of those gifts that isn’t the sexiest, but it will get used a lot by whoever you give it to. It has a waterproof, fully-insulated interior that holds enough snacks and drinks to get you through the day. It looks cool with it’s Star Wars motif on both the front and top, and it has enough extra pockets on it so you can fit any extra bits and bobs that you need right in the same bag as your food and bev. This is a great gift for any Star Wars fan who leaves the house. If Star Wars isn’t your thing, Picnic Time also has it in other designs on their site that you can check out.

Tacosaurus Rex
$12.86 • Barbuzzo • Get Yours Now

Tacos are better out of the back of a T-Rex. It’s a scientific fact that we defy you to prove wrong. Until then, you’d better get a Tacosaurus Rex just to be safe. If you’ve got anyone on your gift list who loves tacos and dinos, this is the gift to get. And, because this is the T-Res, and not some puny, lesser dinosaur, it actually holds two tacos in its back! Putting tacos on a plate is sad. They just flop over and spill out all their joy. You need something like the Tacosaurus to keep them upright and full of magic. This is a great gift for kids and adults alike!

Smart Wifi Bulb
$11.00 • Linkind • Get Yours Now

Light can be a tricky thing. We need it to see, but too much of the wrong kind can hurt our eyes. That’s the great thing of the new wave of smart bulbs that have hit the market like Linkind’s Smart Wifi Bulb. Controlled either through its app or via Alexa, the bulb can shift between the yellow and blue tones you need to see things clearly or to rest your eyes. You can even set it on a timer, so it knows what time of day, the best kind of light works for you. You need a different kind of light depending on if you are reading, watching a movie, or just having dinner with your family. Too much of the wrong light can cause eye strain. People may look at you a little weird when they see an LED bulb from you under their Christmas tree, but once they try it out, they’ll be asking where you got it so they can make the rest of the bulbs in their house a whole lot smarter.

Bob’s Burgers Kuchi Kopi Soap Dispenser
$13.99 • Surreal Entertainment • Get Yours Now

If you’re a fan of Bob’s Burgers, or have someone on your gift list who is, you know what you are looking at. This is Kuchi Kopi, one of the favorite toys of Louise Belcher. Normally, Kuchi Kopi is a vinyl toy that sits on Louise’s shelf. Now, you can bring him home and put him in your bathroom, where this ceramic version of him will be the coolest soap dispenser you’ve ever had in your life. Seriously. If you are a fan of the Animated FOX series, Kuchi Kopi is instantly recognizable to you. There’s not a lot of great Bob’s Burgers merch out there, If you’ve got the chance to bring some of it home or send it to the home of a true fan, you owe it to them!

Bob’s Burgers Officially Licensed Restaurant Piggy Bank
$20.99 • Surreal Entertainment • Get Yours Now

The only thing better than being able to bring home kuchi kopi is to be able to bring home the actual Bob’s Burgers building. This 8″ resin piggy bank is the closest thing we’ve seen to a model of the Bob’s Burgers building on the market. Sure, there’s no trash mouth in the back of the building, but the front facade is about as perfect as you could hope for. All that’s missing is Mort’s mortuary and the endless cycle of businesses that show up next door in the show’s opening credits. If you are a fan of the show, you’ll appreciate the detail of the front window, and the ability you have to see all the way back to the restrooms. It’s a great little replica and a handy piggy bank too!

Infinity Gauntlet Lidded Cookie Jar
$10.75 • Surreal Entertainment • Get Yours Now

Before Josh Brolin’s Thanos Snapped his Infinity Gauntlet at the end of Avengers: Infinity War, the comic book Thanos did the same back in the pages of the original Infinity Gauntlet in the early 1990s. Back then, the gauntlet looked a lot more like this cookie jar than the fancy glove that ended up in the MCU films. If you grew up with the comic books or know someone who did, this cookie jar is going to bring a titan-sized smile to their face. The ceramic cookie jar comes with all of the infinity stones attached to them just like in the original comics. This is a great, retro collectible for fans of one of the best periods in the history of Marvel.

Rick and Morty Pickle Rick Car Shade
$22.90 • Surreal Entertainment • Get Yours Now

There isn’t a single Rick and Morty fan out there who doesn’t know the saga of Pickle Rick. It was the fateful episode where Rick Sanchez turned himself into a pickle so he could avoid having to go to a family therapy session with his daughter and grandchildren. As dark as that plot sounds, it was one of the most insanely weird episodes of a series that has become know for insane weirdness. If you have a friend on your gift list who is a big fan of Rick and Morty, this car shade is a great gift to get them this holiday season. The 58″ x 27″ car shade recreates the final scene of the episode. This would look cool on the window of any car.

Illuminated Jellyfish Aquarium Mood Lamp
$65.00 • Playlearn • Get Yours Now

This is the kind of thing that we always wanted as a kid, but our parents would never get us. It’s pretty simple, a water-filled mood lamp with cute little jellyfish swimming around in it. Now that we’re grown up, our parents can’t tell us no and we are loving it. We know that the jellyfish aren’t real, but they look super cool. they float around and we just get mesmerized. Besides, have you seen what it costs to get a real jellyfish tank? It’s hundreds of dollars and you have to try to keep them alive. They don’t even change colors like these do. In fact, you can let it cycle through the colors or have it stop on your favorite until you need a change. We loved the Jellyfish Aquarium Lamp not just because it looks cool, but because it’s relaxing. In fact, it’s even been shown to help kids with ADHD or autism in need of sensory stimulation. If there’s one warning about this lamp, it is that it steals time. It’s amazingly easy to sit down in front of it and then realize a half-hour has passed without you noticing.

Evapolar EV-500W evaCHILL Personal Evaporative Humidifier Air Conditioner
$99.99 • evapolar.com • Get Yours Now

We’ll cut to the chase. The question on everyone’s mind…“Does the Eavpolar evaCHILL actually work?” Yes… and no. Confused? Don’t be.
Just have reasonable expectations and understand that while the Evapolar calls itself a personal “Air Conditioner” it really isn’t. At least not technically, as ACs work by drawing hot air out and replacing it with cold air and this does neither of those things. What the Evapolar does do instead is cool down the air that it blows giving you an “AC” like effect. We’ve noticed that refilling it with ice water every two or so hours work the best. While it won’t cool down a room, it will save you on a hot day granted that it also isn’t humid. This is the perfect desktop companion as it also runs off basic USB and can be powered by your laptop. But hey, don’t take our review for it, ditch that mini analog rotating fan of yours and give this a try.