The Foodcycler
$349 • Foodcycler • Get Yours Now

We feel guilty every time we throw veggie scraps or eggshells into the trash. If we had a yard, we’d compost it, but instead, it just ends up in a landfill where it takes up space and adds methane to the air as it rots. That is what drew us to the Foodcyler. It is the perfect solution for someone who wants to turn kitchen scraps into something that they can use to help grow new plants without needing the space or time for composting. In fact, when we tried out the Foodcycler with a bin full of peels, leftovers, and scraps, it was less than four hours from start to finish. What started as a container full of food was reduced by 90% into a sterile material that can be mixed with soil to nurture your plants. It really could not have been more simple. The Foodcycler was able to do all of this with less power than it takes to run an electric kettle. It was quiet and there was no smell. This is perfect for someone living in an apartment or someone who wants to do more to reduce their waste but just doesn’t have the time or space to run a compost bin in their yard. Traditional composting can take anywhere from three months to two years to completely break down food waste. This took us just under four hours to go from potential trash to a soil nutrient that was ready to go. This is a great gift for anyone who cares about the impact they have on the planet. It’s also a great product for anyone with a green thumb, or who is looking for some help to turn a black thumb around. Just the fact that we know you can reduce the mass of your food waste by 90% and then use the leftover 10% to help other plants grow makes us wish everyone was getting a Foodcycler for Christmas.

Doctor Who TARDIS French Press
$39.99 • Seven20 • Get Yours Now

We like our morning coffee like we like our TARDIS… bigger on the inside. So, it’s a good thing that the new Doctor Who TARDIS French Press holds 34 ounces of coffee. If you know a caffeine-addicted Whovian, this is the perfect gift to slip under the tree this holiday season. We loved that Seven20 was able to create something that looks like a TARDIS to people in the know, but just looks like a smartly-designed French Press to the normies. It stands just under 10” tall and features a heat-resistant glass carafe and a stainless steel plunger. It’s a great quality French Press, even without the awesome design. As an added bonus, French Press Coffee Makers are a very eco-conscious alternative to coffee machines that rely on filters or K-Cups. Get your morning buzz without destroying the planet in the process!

On The Rocks Granite Whiskey Chilling Stones with Hardwood Tray and Tumblers
$40.50 • Sea Stones • Get Yours Now

Putting Ice in Whiskey is for suckers. It dilutes the flavor of the drink and leaves you with a watered-down waste of alcohol. If you know someone who enjoys relaxing with a fine glass of whiskey, or any other spirit, consider the On The Rocks Whiskey Chilling Stones from Sea Stones. The set comes with a hardwood tray and two glasses so you already have something from which to sip your adult beverage. You just keep the stones in the freezer and then pop them into your drink when it’s cocktail time. They work wonderfully for chilling the beverage, plus, they stay colder for longer than ice lasts. You get a chilled drink without any of the added water to steal the flavor away from you. Aside from how great the stones work and look, we love that they were made out of recycled materials. The New Hampshire granite used to make these whiskey stones come from slabs of stone that didn’t make the cut or were damaged on their way to becoming kitchen countertops. You get a perfectly cooled drink, plus you get to drink it with the satisfaction that you kept granite out of a landfill. Can you believe people actually put granite in landfills?!?

5 Piece Bamboo Elements Mess Kit
$19.99 • UcoGear • Get Yours Now

Giving gifts is always fun, but when you can give a gift that makes the world a tiny bit better, it’s kind of awesome. That’s what we loved about UcoGear’s 5 Piece Bamboo Elements Mess Kit. It’s the perfect way to help someone in your life significantly cut down on the amount of disposable plastics they use. With the mess kit, you not only have a great container to fit a meal or a snack, but you also have reusable silverware. On its own, we loved this mess kit. It looks great. It’s sturdy and its reliable (it didn’t leak at all for us, even when we filled it with chili). Once you get passed that part, you come to the realization that this kit is also great for the environment. You aren’t just eliminating the need for plastic silverware or sandwich bags here. The mess kit is actually green itself. It is made with 90% natural materials (75% bamboo fiber and 15% starch). This is not only a gift people will love, but it’s one you can be proud to give.

Smart Wifi Bulb
$11.00 • Linkind • Get Yours Now

Light can be a tricky thing. We need it to see, but too much of the wrong kind can hurt our eyes. That’s the great thing about the new wave of smart bulbs that have hit the market like Linkind’s Smart Wifi Bulb. Controlled either through its app or via Alexa, the bulb can shift between the yellow and blue tones you need to see things clearly or to rest your eyes. You can even set it on a timer, so it knows what time of day, the best kind of light works for you. You need a different kind of light depending on if you are reading, watching a movie, or just having dinner with your family. Too much of the wrong light can cause eye strain. People may look at you a little weird when they see an LED bulb from you under their Christmas tree, but once they try it out, they’ll be asking where you got it so they can make the rest of the bulbs in their house a whole lot smarter.