• Publisher: Ecoloblue
  • MSRP: $1199-1699

Ecoloblue Environmental Water Generator
We’ve honestly been wanting to feature the Ecoloblue Environmental Water Generator in the guide for as long as we’ve been doing it. What’s so special about it? The machine makes water!!! That’s right, I’m sitting here right now, drinking an ice cold glass of water that the Ecoloblue pulled right out of the air. How freakin sweet is that?!?

This machine pulls water directly from the air and then runs it through a reverse osmosis filter, several layers of carbon filters and then even runs it through a UV filter to kill off any potential bad things that might have come in through the air. We can’t speak highly enough about this machine. Depending on the model that you buy, it can make between 26 and 30 liters of water a day and it can store over three gallons at a time… at the temperature of your choosing! again, depending on which model you purchase, you either get hot or cold options (with digital temp control) or when you get the 30 S model, it can even be dispensed to you in a carbonated form… Kinda makes that soda stream you bought look like garbage, right?

This fits into so many categories for gifts. Not only is it perfect for the kitchen, and it is truly an epic gift, but this is also an essential survival tool for when society breaks down and the world ends at the end of next year. When everyone else is in water lines waiting for their daily ration because the whole public water supply is contaminated with zombie virus, you’ll be kicking back in your house, sucking water straight from the air and into your frosty glass. You don’t even have to worry about when the power grid shuts down because the Ecoloblue also has an add on solar generator that you can buy!

Get yours today at: Ecoloblue

  • Publisher:Kuvings
  • MSRP: $450.00-$550.00

Kuvings Silent Juicer

The Kuvings Silent Juicer is one of those machines that changes the way you look at things. I worked in a juice bar in high school. Like most people, the bar used centrifugal juicers. They are loud and they actually kill a lot of the nutrients in the juice before it ever hits your lips. The fast spinning action of those juicers causes oxidation which just makes juicing not worthwhile. Enter the Kuvings silent Juicer! Wow. First, this thing is super quiet. I never liked older juicers because it sounds like you are running a vacuum cleaner or lawn mower. To give you an idea of who loud the Silent Juicer is… I started juicing carrots and I picked up the phone and called a family member. I didn’t have to speak up. They could hear me fine and they could barely hear the juicer at all over the phone. Could you imagine trying to talk on f the phone while using a regular juicer? No, you can’t.

Now, let’s talk about how it actually worked. Instead of the fast spinning action that kills the nutrients and makes a juice that separates in a matter of minutes, the Kuvings Silent Juicer has a slowly turning auger that crushes and chews up your fruits and veggies. This doesn’t create heat and it prevents oxidation of the nutrients. I’ve found that it gives me more juice per veggie and that pulp that comes out is almost totally dry. My first test actually led to a whole other discovery. I ended up with so much juice that some of it went to the fridge instead of my belly. I didn’t go back to drink the rest for 18 hours and it HAD NOT separated. I’ve never seen fresh juice last that long without separating.

In preparing to review this juicer, I check ed out some popular documentaries on the topic, ‘Fat, sick and nearly dead’ and .Forks Over Knives’. As a society, we don’t get nearly enough natural nutrients. Instead, we eat like garbage and try to make up for it with vitamin pills. There’s just no replacing the natural goodness that you get from fruits and veggies. I know that after a good veggie juice, I am just as pepped up as i am after a redbull, but I don’t have that awful aftertaste in my mouth.

This is definitely not the least expensive item in the guide, but it is worth it. If you spend money on veggies for juicing, you’ll probably make up the difference over time just on the increased juice yield. We are also including this juicer in the survival section of the guide. With all the germs and viruses out there, you need as much nutrients as possible. Drinking freshly made juices will help bolster your immune system and help your body to heal itself. This is definitely a gift that we recommend.

Get yours today at Kuvings

  • Publisher: Potting Shed Creations
  • MSRP: $35.00

Potting Shed Creations Grow Bottle

Potting Shed Creations is a genius. There are tons of “green” grow kits out there that you can buy, but this is just about the classiest that we have found. How classy? Even Oprah wants these for Christmas! The concept is simple, hydroponic gardening for your window sill. It comes in flavors that include: Basil, Chives, Mint, Oregano, and Parsley… and to top it all off, it is made from recycled wine bottles! How classy is that? This is a great gift for just about anyone. Also, because it is hydroponic, this could be a great little contraption to have around when the world ends. We’re guessing that all the scorched earth will probably lead to a shortage in potting soil!

Get yours today at: Pottingshedcreations.com

  • Publisher: Nostalgia Electrics
  • MSRP: $24.99

Nostalgia Electrics Retro Hot Dog and Bun Toaster

This was just an awesome little toaster that we’ve admired for several years. This is the first chance that we’ve had to test it out though. We had an old roommate of mine test this out because when we lived together, hot dogs were one of the 5 things he would eat. Within 30 minutes of getting it, he was already making hot dogs and hopped on the phone to give me his take. He loved that the buns got nice and toasty and the dogs got this nice grilled effect on them. If he had any complaint it was that the machine is really only meant for normal hot dogs and didn’t really accommodate the bun length variety. At least that is what I think he said, he was eating a hot dog at the time.

Get yours today at: Nostalgia Electrics

  • Publisher: Wine Doctor
  • MSRP: $24.99

Wine Doctor
This is a good all around gift. It works as a kitchen gift, stocking stuffer or even just a nice host gift if you are going somewhere for a party or holiday dinner. There are plenty of wine sealing pumps out there for all the light weights who can’t finish a bottle in one sitting. The problem with those pumps is that you never know when to stop pumping. That means that you could pump out too much oxygen and completely kill the flavor of the wine. We tried out the Wine Doctor and it was completely different. it actually has a gauge on the pump to let you know exactly when to stop pumping. The result is a perfectly sealed wine with protected flavor.

Get yours today at: Savethewine.com

  • Publisher: Spoonsisters
  • MSRP: $28.00

Obsessive Chopping Disorder
Do you have a friend or family member who likes to cook, but is so OCD that you want to push them into a meat grinder? This might be the perfect gift for them! The Obsessive Chopping Disorder cutting board is just what the doctor ordered for the people out there who obsess about the perfect julienne or dice. It has all the angles, measurements and graphs built in so that the cooking savant in your life can cook without having a panic attack. It measures 9″x12″ and is made from Beechwood. We loved it, but we weren’t sure whether we should cook with it or use it to design an airplane.

Get yours today at: Spoonsisters

  • Publisher: Spoonsisters
  • MSRP: $4.95

Nylon Pizza Cutter for Kids

All kids love pizza, but you have to be careful about letting them slice it themselves. Those big nasty pizza slicers can take off a finger just as fast as they can slice through a crust. That is what drew us to the Nylon Pizza Cutter for kids. Sure, you want to always supervise your kid in the kitchen, but this lets them become a bigger part of family pizza night. Kids should be brought into the kitchen as much as possible so that they can learn to cook. What better way to safely do it than with pizza?

Get yours today at: Spoon Sisters

  • Publisher: Spoonsisters
  • MSRP: $17.95

Split Decision Pie Pan

Do you have a baker in your life? If so, this is a clever and fun gift that they will really appreciate. It is the king of all pie pans. First, it works as a regular pie pan, but with a removable bottom like the nice tart pans. Then things start to get crazy! Imagine that you could make multiple pies at the same time! OK, you can’t, but you can make two half pies, which is actually kind of cooler. The split decision pie pan has a removable divider that allows you to make two separate, yet equal pies. How cool is this? I hate blueberries, but I can still makes someone a blueberry pie while making myself an apple pie! There is all kinds of pie craziness going on here and it all spells out one thing. Awesome gift!

Get yours today at: Spoon Sisters

  • Publisher: Spoonsisters
  • MSRP: $7.95

The Two Most Useful Brushes in Your Kitchen

Everyone knows one, a clean freak. That person that actually likes getting cleaning supplies for Christmas. For those people, we present the stocking stuffer that will make them happier than when they take that first whiff off a new bottle of bleach. The Two Most Useful Brushes in Your Kitchen are designed to take just about any bit of crud off of any pot or pan. The metal brush is good for hard core surfaces and the yellow brush does a great job cleaning up coated cooking surfaces. It wasn’t hard for us to test this one out as we are always burning something. A little bit of soap or baking soda and these brushes really hit the spot!

Get yours today at: Spoon Sisters

  • Publisher: Spoonsisters
  • MSRP: $9.95

Tapi – Faucet Squeeze Drink Fountain 2 per set
The Tapi is a fun little gadget for mom’s who are sick of their kids using tons and tons of glasses when they get water from the sink. just slide this on the end of your tap (you can leave it on and your sink will still work fine). then, when you want a drink, instead of grabbing a glass, just pinch the bottom of the tapi and it turns your faucet into a water fountain. It is great for the kitchen and also great for keeping in your kid’s bathroom to help them rinse after brushing their teeth. We think this is a great, practical stocking stuffer for the family, plus you will get an extra bit of fun when the giftee spends five minutes trying to figure out just what the heck it is!

Get yours today at: Spoon Sisters

  • Publisher: Spoonsisters
  • MSRP: $22.50

Tea for One With Saucer

There’s no trick here, no fancy doodad that pops out. This is just a lovely, straight-forward tea set for one that we checked out and thought made a great gift for everyone from mom’s to college kids. It stacks up nicely and looks great. The three piece set holds 12 ounces of tea in the pot and 11 in the cup (what do you do with the extra ounce?). If you have someone in your life who likes to just sit back and watch the rain with a cup of tea all to themselves, this is the gift for them. It is available in Orange/Light Grey, Pink/Light Brown and Green/Brown.

Get yours today at: Spoon Sisters

  • Publisher: Spoonsisters
  • MSRP: $9.95

This might be a surprise to you, but a lot of cutting boards don’t have feet. That means that they slide all over the counter while you are cutting on them. It is dangerous and not a lot of fun. Along comes Chobs, another kitchen product that sounds like a weird ethnic insult, but it isn’t. It is magic. Adjustable feet for your cutting board. It is so simple that I’m kinda aggravated that I didn’t think of it myself! Even if you have kitchen people in your life who don’t need this right this second, it is a good idea to have a set around just in case. Legless cutting boards suck, but they are common and this is the kind of thing that will get used eventually… it is just a matter of time!

Get yours today at: Spoon Sisters

  • Publisher: Spoonsisters
  • MSRP: $29.95

Herb Pods (Set of 3)
We love futuristic doodads for the kitchen that actually serve a purpose. The Herb Pods are exactly that. They are to herbs what stasis pods are to Ripley, but the herbs don’t have an alien queen growing inside them. These pods are just a great way to keep your fresh herbs fresh so you don’t need to use them all in a day. This is a major dilemma for kitchen people. How do I keep my herbs fresh? the pods will keep them going for up to three weeks. We had basil going for a couple weeks… but then I used it all. They are simple to use and fit right on your fridge’s door shelf. These are super handy.

Get yours today at: Spoon Sisters

  • Publisher: Zoku
  • MSRP: $36.95

Zoku Duo Quick Pop Maker

Last year, the Zoku Quick Pop maker was one of the most popular items in the guide. This year, the guys from the coolest, nine minute Popsicle making device in the world are back with a smaller version for people who have limited freezer space. The Duo (as you might guess) has two Popsicle slots compared to the original Zoku’s three. It is just as amazing as the original and still yields the tastiest pops in town. We know people who have taken something as simple as fruit yogurt and turned it into their child’s favorite daily treat. We love taking the 100 calorie Jello packs and using them to make Pudding pops that remind us of the golden days of Bill Cosby when everything was better after a Puddin Pop. Anyone who doesn’t like this might not have a soul. It is one of the most perfect all around gifts you can find.

Get yours today at: Zoku

  • Publisher: Zoku
  • MSRP: $14.95

Zoku Character Kit
One of the coolest things about the Zoku is that they freeze up so fast (around nine minutes)that you can make layers and even designs in your Popsicle. In the past, they’ve offered a limited number of stencils and tools for this, but now they have a full on character kit. If you want to up the ante on your already amazing Popsicles, this kit is an essential add on. We loved how easy it was to use. in just minutes we were making our Popsicles into ghosts, kittens and any manner of mutant awesomeness. If there was ever going to be something neater than a Popsicle, it would be a Popsicle with a face. Everyone loves to eat frozen faces!

Get yours today at: Zoku

  • Publisher: Vinturi
  • MSRP: $39.95

Vinturi Travel Wine Aerator

Last year we featured the Vinturi Wine Aerator and it was a very big hit among the wine lovers out there. It was a really clever device that helps the wine breathe as you pour it. That means you can pop open the bottle and dive right in without letting it sit. This year they’ve got a great new variation of the product, The Vinturi Travel. This version is slimmer than the original and fits easily in a pocket in its super stylish case. We loved this for picnics or just for people who like to drink a lot when they travel. It also makes a great host gift.

Get yours today at Vinturi

  • Publisher: Vinturi
  • MSRP: $39.99

Vinturi Spirit

The vinturi Wine Aerator is great, but I’m a whiskey guy. Thank goodness that Vinturi finally has something for me. The Concept of aeration for both wine and spirits are essentially the same. You can enhance flavor by adding air. The Vinturi Spirit does this just as well as the Vinturi Travel, but it has an extra bonus that makes it that much cooler. Unlike the wine versions of the product that just let the liquid pass through, the Vinturi Spirit has a jigger on top that lets you measure your liqour for shots or mixed drinks. Once you have all the alcohol you want, just hit the magnetic button on the side and it releases it through the aeration tunnel and right into your glass! This is a perfect gift for anyone who drinks the good stuff. Also, a great host gift.

Get yours today at Vinturi

  • Publisher: ThinkGeek
  • MSRP: $12.99

Ice Speed Chess

This is the kind of thing we love… DUAL PURPOSE GIFT! Ya, you can’t go wrong with a dual purpose gift, especially one that can be a game or a beverage enhancer like the Ice Speed Chess Set from Thinkgeek. First, here’s what it comes with: Two silicone ice molds that make enough chess pieces to fill out both sides of a board. We loved this gift for a couple reasons. First, we love oddly shaped ice cubes. Second, we know people who take forever to play a game. Like, we’ve joked that the ice caps will melt before they make their move. This is perfect for them. Want to add some stakes to your game? Make your pieces with an unpleasant beverage and each time you take an opponent’s piece, they have to eat it. Sure, it sounds cruel, but it is a lot of fun.

So, whether you need an interesting accent in the glasses at your next party ort you are a hard core chess fan who likes the idea of trying to beat the melting clock… or playing in the snow, this is a great gift for this holiday season.

Warning, don’t be the idiot who puts these chess pieces on a fancy wooden board. Don’t be that guy. No.

Get yours today at: Thinkgeek

  • Publisher: Think Geek
  • MSRP: $29.99

Star Trek Enterprise Pizza Cutter

In past years we’ve had some great Star trek items. Star Trek Sporks, Star Trek Bottle Openers, but this is just a whole different level of awesome. Not only is this possibly the nicest and fanciest Pizza Cutter that we’ve ever seen, but it is shaped like the USS Enterprise! This isn’t some pirate job either. It is an actual licensed item from Star Trek. You know what that means? At 3 AM when Shatner wakes up with the munchies, this is probably what he uses to slice up his Totinos microwave pizza!

We can’t speak enough about how beautiful this thing is. If you weren’t looking closely at it, you would think it was a prop replica, not a kitchen utensil. It has a Laser Etched Stainless steel blade with solid zinc-alloy chromium plated body. Also, it cuts through a crust like a photo torpedo through a Kingon Bird of Prey.

Get yours today at: dea2_enterprise_pizza_cutter_alt.jpg

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