• Publisher: Ecoloblue
  • MSRP: $1199-1699

Ecoloblue Environmental Water Generator
We’ve honestly been wanting to feature the Ecoloblue Environmental Water Generator in the guide for as long as we’ve been doing it. What’s so special about it? The machine makes water!!! That’s right, I’m sitting here right now, drinking an ice cold glass of water that the Ecoloblue pulled right out of the air. How freakin sweet is that?!?

This machine pulls water directly from the air and then runs it through a reverse osmosis filter, several layers of carbon filters and then even runs it through a UV filter to kill off any potential bad things that might have come in through the air. We can’t speak highly enough about this machine. Depending on the model that you buy, it can make between 26 and 30 liters of water a day and it can store over three gallons at a time… at the temperature of your choosing! again, depending on which model you purchase, you either get hot or cold options (with digital temp control) or when you get the 30 S model, it can even be dispensed to you in a carbonated form… Kinda makes that soda stream you bought look like garbage, right?

This fits into so many categories for gifts. Not only is it perfect for the kitchen, and it is truly an epic gift, but this is also an essential survival tool for when society breaks down and the world ends at the end of next year. When everyone else is in water lines waiting for their daily ration because the whole public water supply is contaminated with zombie virus, you’ll be kicking back in your house, sucking water straight from the air and into your frosty glass. You don’t even have to worry about when the power grid shuts down because the Ecoloblue also has an add on solar generator that you can buy!

Get yours today at: Ecoloblue

  • Publisher: Adventure Medical Kits
  • MSRP: $60.00

SOL Origin Tool
Let’s face it, the world is pretty much going to end in the next twelve months. Zombies are coming, people are occupying… pretty much everything, the Mayan calendar is coming to an end and apparently there’s a secret planet hiding behind the sun that wants to kill us. That means, the name of the game is survival and the Adventure Medical Kits makes some of the best portable survival gear that we’ve seen around. First, there’s the tool that you’ll always want to have in your pocket when the stuff hits the fan, the Sol Origin. Here’s a list of everything this bad boy packs in its handful-sized case:
Sewing 1 Sewing Needle, #7, Darner
Survival Instructions 1 62 Lifesaving Tools & Techniques
Survival Tools 1 Aluminum Foil, Heavy Duty, 3 Sq. Ft. 1 Combination Knife, LED Light & Whistle 1 Compass, Button, Liquid Filled 1 Fire Lite Fire Striker 4 Fish Hook, #10 1 Fishing Line 1 Safety Wire, Stainless Steel, (6 ft of 0.020″) 1 Signal Mirror, Rescue Flash 2 Snap Swivel, Size 12 2 Split Shot, Lead B 4 Tinder Quick

That is actually more than I had with me when I left home for college. We loved everything about this tool. It was light, durable and so packed it information and tools that you’d have to be dumber than snookie to not survive with it in your hands.

Get yours today at: Adventure Medical Kits

  • Publisher: Adventure Medical Kits
  • MSRP: $15.00

Sol Survival Medic Kit
When you pick up the Sol Origin for your pocket, the Survival Medic Kit should be your next purchase. When the world ends, this will be one of the first things we pack in our bags. It is just under the size of a Gameboy and it packs all sorts of extra goodies to extend your Sol Origin (and even cover you in ways the sol can’t ). Here’s what comes in this baggy of survival goodness:

The ultralight waterproof pouch is an SOL Emergency Blanket, Fire Lite™ sparker, Tinder-Quik tinder, SLIM Rescue Howler™ whistle, duct tape, and button compass, as well as antiseptic wipes, gauze, and bandages to patch up cuts and scrapes. Each kit in the Medic series features proprietary DryFlex™ bags for the ultimate in ultralight, waterproof storage.

Get yours today at: Adventure medical Kits


  • Publisher: Adventure Medical Kits
  • MSRP: $15-$40.00

Sol Quick Clot

If you are a klutz, or just smart enough to know that you don’t want to be walking around bleedin when the zombies are a feedin than you’d best be packing some quick clot in your survival pack as well. We were amazed by this stuff, granted, none of us actually caused ourselves an arterial wound to see if Quick Clot really is as good as they say at stopping bleeding, so we just had to take the company’s word on it. Still, they use this stuff on soldiers when they get shot in the field to stop the bleeding and keep them alive. Any survivalist you know would love to have a few packs of this in their stocking.

Get yours today at: Adventure Medical Kits

  • Publisher: Growums
  • MSRP: $9.99
  • Age: 3+

Growums Garden kits
Do your kids play Farmville? Well, think of this as the next generation… In this version, you actually farm. When we were kids, we loved gardening, but it seems like that is something that kids today seemed to have gotten away with it. After all, you can’t grow a Pizza… or can you? That is exactly what we liked about the Growums kits. Each little kit that you order is actually set up to be the complete vegetable portion of a meal. For example, the pizza kit comes with Tomato, pepper, Oregano and Basil seeds. The set up is simple and any kid can do it with some parental guidance. By teaching kids where their food comes from and how it gets to the table, we change their attitudes about food. Also, with 2012 and the coming zombie apocalypse on its way, it is probably a good idea to teach kids how to survive once all the Wal Marts burn to the ground.

Get yours today at: Growums.com

  • Publisher: Potting Shed Creations
  • MSRP: $30-$50.00

Potting Shed Creations Bonsai Tree Kit

Any fool can buy a bonsai tree and groom it, but it takes a lot of guts to try growing your own from a seed. This is another beautiful kit from Potting Shed Creations that works as a great gift for everyone from the people who seriously like bonsai trees to the hipsters who like them ironically. Along with adults and everyone else who we liked this for, we thought this was a great gift for older kids who have ADD. There’s nothing more centering than nursing and maintaining a bonsai tree from seed to full sized plant. That is exactly why we’ve also included the Bonsai Tree kit in the survival section. Will the bonsai tree ever feed you or fend off errant zombies while you sleep? Probably not. However, having something that helps you achieve a centered state of zen in your bomb shelter might just keep you from killing your friends or spouse.

Get yours today at: Pottingshedcreations.com

  • Publisher: Spoonsisters
  • MSRP: $9.95

Tapi – Faucet Squeeze Drink Fountain 2 per set
The Tapi is a fun little gadget for mom’s who are sick of their kids using tons and tons of glasses when they get water from the sink. just slide this on the end of your tap (you can leave it on and your sink will still work fine). then, when you want a drink, instead of grabbing a glass, just pinch the bottom of the tapi and it turns your faucet into a water fountain. It is great for the kitchen and also great for keeping in your kid’s bathroom to help them rinse after brushing their teeth. We think this is a great, practical stocking stuffer for the family, plus you will get an extra bit of fun when the giftee spends five minutes trying to figure out just what the heck it is!

So, why did we throw this one into the survival section? Once the system collapses and you are on the run for your life, you need to think about sanitation. How many other refugees are putting their lips right on that fountain. Now you at least have a little buffer to ward off disease!

Get yours today at: Spoon Sisters

  • Publisher:Kuvings
  • MSRP: $450.00-$550.00

Kuvings Silent Juicer

The Kuvings Silent Juicer is one of those machines that changes the way you look at things. I worked in a juice bar in high school. Like most people, the bar used centrifugal juicers. They are loud and they actually kill a lot of the nutrients in the juice before it ever hits your lips. The fast spinning action of those juicers causes oxidation which just makes juicing not worthwhile. Enter the Kuvings silent Juicer! Wow. First, this thing is super quiet. I never liked older juicers because it sounds like you are running a vacuum cleaner or lawn mower. To give you an idea of who loud the Silent Juicer is… I started juicing carrots and I picked up the phone and called a family member. I didn’t have to speak up. They could hear me fine and they could barely hear the juicer at all over the phone. Could you imagine trying to talk on f the phone while using a regular juicer? No, you can’t.

Now, let’s talk about how it actually worked. Instead of the fast spinning action that kills the nutrients and makes a juice that separates in a matter of minutes, the Kuvings Silent Juicer has a slowly turning auger that crushes and chews up your fruits and veggies. This doesn’t create heat and it prevents oxidation of the nutrients. I’ve found that it gives me more juice per veggie and that pulp that comes out is almost totally dry. My first test actually led to a whole other discovery. I ended up with so much juice that some of it went to the fridge instead of my belly. I didn’t go back to drink the rest for 18 hours and it HAD NOT separated. I’ve never seen fresh juice last that long without separating.

In preparing to review this juicer, I check ed out some popular documentaries on the topic, ‘Fat, sick and nearly dead’ and .Forks Over Knives’. As a society, we don’t get nearly enough natural nutrients. Instead, we eat like garbage and try to make up for it with vitamin pills. There’s just no replacing the natural goodness that you get from fruits and veggies. I know that after a good veggie juice, I am just as pepped up as i am after a redbull, but I don’t have that awful aftertaste in my mouth.

This is definitely not the least expensive item in the guide, but it is worth it. If you spend money on veggies for juicing, you’ll probably make up the difference over time just on the increased juice yield. We are also including this juicer in the survival section of the guide. With all the germs and viruses out there, you need as much nutrients as possible. Drinking freshly made juices will help bolster your immune system and help your body to heal itself. This is definitely a gift that we recommend.

Get yours today at Kuvings

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