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Stealth Plankster Core Exerciser/ Video Game

Planking is hard, but it’s such a great exercise that it’s worth it. One of the things that make it so hard is that it is boring. Enter the Stealth Plankster. We have never had this much fun doing a plank before in our lives. It completely changes the way you plank by putting you on a stability board and incorporating a video game into the process. The system is extremely intuitive and was just as fun for men who tested it as it was for the women. We’ll also say this, adding in the stabilization aspect into the planking takes the workout to a whole new level. The funny thing is that you are so focused on playing the game that you don’t realize how long you’ve been exercising.

We haven’t made it to the second game yet, but the first game is a simple (and addictive) target practice game. To play it, you maintain your plank stance while shifting the balance of your upper-body to land your curser on a target for three seconds. Each new target forces you to work muscles you didn’t even know you had in ways that you didn’t think you could. Let’s face it, we all need to be a little more fit. If we can find a way to make it more fun, we’re a lot more likely to do the work. The Plankster is an amazing gift for anyone who loves fitness or who needs to learn to love it a little more!

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Better Back

If you are like us, you spend a lot of time slouched over a computer, typing away at your TPS reports all day. It’s bad for you. Forget that sitting can be awful for you in general, having bad posture sets you up for a lot of pain and discomfort. We know this from personal experience. In fact, it is what inspired us to check out Better Back. We’ve seen other posture trainers before, but nothing felt as good and natural as Better Back. Sure, it looks a little like bondage gear, but that’s part of what makes it fun! Once you slip on the Better back belt, it feels like everything falls into place. It gently guides you into perfect posture by cradling your lower back on one end and harnessing your legs together on the other. Look. We know it sounds kind of weird, but it is awesome. No lie. We are wearing it while we are writing this. We love this thing so much that we look forward to the 15 minutes a day we get to spend wearing it.

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eufy Smart Scale with Bluetooth 4.0

There are a lot of smart scales out there, but we think the eufy Smart Scale is the best bang for the buck. At just under $30, it is less than 1/3 of what it costs for the Withings/ Nokia scale… which happens to be the scale we used to use before we found this one. The first thing that made us love this scale is that it wouldn’t give us most of the readings it was supposed to. It turns out that I forgot to take off my socks. It’s sensitive enough to know the difference! It also doesn’t just measure weight and BMI. It gives us track data on muscle percentage, bone mass, how much water water we are carrying and several other readings. The data stores easily in the app, but it also works with Google and Apple health apps. If you are looking for a new scale for your family, this one can hold identities for up to twenty people in it. That’s less than a buck and quarter per person!

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Nova Decarboxylator

As we enter into the new year, there are a lot of changes going on around the US. One of the best changes is that more states than ever have now legalized marijuana for either medicinal or recreational use. Regardless of the politics of the issue, there is too much evidence out there for what good pot can do for people suffering for anything from headaches and anxiety to seizures and Parkinson’s disease. The big problem with pot is that accessing the THC within the plant has always been very inefficient and imprecise. Until now, it has been almost impossible to accurately prepare dosage or to access the THC without burning at least 30% of it away. That’s why we can’t recommend Ardent’s Nova enough. The Nova not only gently heats marijuana to the perfect temperature so that the THC within it becomes fully activated, but it is as close to idiot-proof as we’ve ever seen any food-prep device.

So, what does this mean for you? It means that you don’t have to make or cook pot into food. You don’t even have to smoke it. Once decarboxylation is used to activate the THC, you can literally just sprinkle a small amount onto your food (we suggest pizza) or you can actually pop a bud right into your mouth. As long as you are buying from a reputable dispensary, you will know the THC content of your pot. As a result, you’ll know exactly how much you need to measure out for the exact dosage needed. The real bonus of this is that it means you’ll be able to either buy less or stretch what you are buying out much longer!

If you want to use the Nova as a way to bring marijuana into the kitchen, but aren’t sure where to start, Ardent has a great goat milk caramel infusion set that is the perfect way to dip your toe into edibles. Seriously, this stuff is delicious!

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Mind Place Kasina Meditation system

The Kasina is a special type of product, so we handed it over to the most stressed-out person we know to get their take on it. She’s a type A personality with ADHD. That means it is nearly impossible to get her to stop moving and meditation is not something she does easily. We’ll say this, for someone who doesn’t know how to sit still, she sat through the whole sixteen-minute program without even realizing it. The experience was a combination of sound (meditative music through headphones) and light (via the interactive glasses). Those glasses are really cool, but a good reason to NOT give this to anyone with epilepsy or any other seizure disorder. The LEDs pulse and move quickly. Even though your eyes are closed all of the colors are still vivid and strangely hypnotic. There are no patterns being displayed but your brain creates some anyway that move with the gentle music in the background. Before she knew it, the session was over. She felt the calmest she had felt in the longest time. Basically this thing is awesome!

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  • MSRP: $229.00

Nutrimill Harvest

Before we found out about the Nutrimill Harvest, the idea of making our own flour had never occurred to us. Now that we know, it’s changed the way we look at food. We were not only able to make flour from wheat, but we were able to make flour from corn, legumes, and even quinoa. Using the Nutrimill Harvest was simple. You just turn it on, load in the grain (or whatever you want to mill), turn the dial on the mill to select the coarseness or fineness of the grain, and that’s it. We made corn meal, corn flour, wheat flour, and even lentil flour. Aside from the ease of use, one of the things we really loved about the Nutrimill Harvest was that it gave us a lot more control over what we eat. If we want to bake bread or cookies, make pasta, or even Burmese tofu (made with chickpea flour), we don’t have to worry about buying expensive, and overly processed ingredients that were made in factories. We’ve now got our own factory, right in our kitchen that produces nutritious flours from pretty much any grain or legume (non-oily ones) in seconds.

As much as we liked using the Nutrimill Harvest, we also fell in love with how it looked. You’d never expect to want to keep a grain mill on the counter, but the natural, bamboo casing on the mill makes for a tasteful and classy addition to the counter. It’s a good thing too because this is the kind of appliance that people who appreciate healthy living are going to want to use on a very regular basis.

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