We try not to get political on the site, but I think this is the kind of toy that both fans and detractors can appreciate, whether it be in a tongue in cheek manner, or as something more. Also, we’ve covered a lot of Alex Solis’ previous Unmasked artworks, and it is great to see him making such beautiful toys based on his drawings. There’s no way we would pass up the chance to support him.

The Trump Unmasked figure features President Donald Trump, revealing his secret identity as the one and only Montgomery Burns from The Simpsons. The figure is 7″ tall and made of Polystone. If you want one, you’d best hurry up and get it now, because it is limited to 250 pcs and more than 170 have already sold as of Solis’ last update on Facebook. This piece of history and art can be yours for just $100!

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