Art Asylum has revealed their first figure from their new in-house goth reimagined classic fairy tale line. The figure revealed is Li’l Red AKA Little Red Riding Hood.

Here’s what AA had to say:
“About 6 years ago, DSTChuck wanted to design a house brand focusing on the popularity of ‘goth’ products. The plan was to take some of the public domain fairy tale characters and give them a more modern look and feel. A lot of people spent a lot of time at DST working on proposals for buyers, package concepts, category options, and marketing strategies. Unfortunately, unavoidable circumstances caused the project to go to the backburner. Now that the Femme Fatales line has taken off, DSTChuck is looking to reinvent some of the reinventions and use them in this PVC line. Kicking things off is the new Little Red Riding Hood (Li’l Red, for short). The images I’ve included show you how we went from the original concept sketch to Sam Greenwell’s sculpt and finished with Kat Sapene’s paint.”

So far it’s looking pretty good! I’m glad it isn’t all twisted, cause frankly, I’m getting kind of sick of that.