Nude campaigns for PETA isn’t anything new, in fact they’re downright pedestrian if not played out as countless of recognizable Hollywood celebrities have “stripped” in order to campaign again the unethical treatment of animals.

But one of PETA recent ads has caused quite a stir mostly due to the fact that it features none other than G4’s “Attack of the Show” host and geek idol Olivia Munn (Date Night, Iron Man 2).

In an interview with PopEater Munn discuses her role in the PETA campaign and urges how people can help:

The campaign was never a “nude campaign,” and I wasn’t naked on set at all. In that one shot, the way I was sitting and the way the tank-top hung on me, it appeared like I was nude. The “natural state” does tie into the campaign because I’m asking everyone to help keep elephants in their natural state and out of the circus. They shouldn’t be chained and beaten and electroshocked to dance around on a ball. And I understand the “nude” question that people have — how does having a billboard with me looking like I posed nude help elephants? It doesn’t directly help them, no. But, if this billboard with me on it helps get more eyes on the issue, gets people to stop going to the circus and I didn’t get naked or compromise myself at all to do it, then what’s the problem? I understand the question, but now that it’s answered, I hope we can all spend more time trying to educate people on the abuse of all of the animals in the circus.

Source: Popeater