You asked the Marvel team at Hasbro, here are their answers!

1). For upcoming Marvel Universe waves will we see more team building/completing figures? While it’s nice to have a diverse array of characters from the Marvel Universe, some collectors would like to have the chance to complete teams — whether it’s X-Force, the Dark Avengers or even the Fantastic Four. Does Hasbro take team building/completion into more serious consideration when they decide who gets released in what wave or two-pack?

Team building is definitely something we will be doing. Marvel Universe is a vast place and we try to touch on as many characters as we can.

2). We’ve already seen BAFs in Hasbro’s Star Wars Legacy Collection line, so it begs to ask, will we ever have BAFs in MU series for larger figures or possibly even Build-A-Vehicles?

We are always thinking of new ways to broaden the scope of Marvel Universe. And while this idea is not currently in our plans, it is a great idea for us to explore. Thanks!

3). With a certain toy company which shall not be named recently releasing a star studded albeit unusual two-pack crossover, can we expect Hasbro to follow suit with say, a Marvel and Transformers
two-pack crossover (rather than the transforming superheroes)? Maybe something similar to the ROTF Human Alliance toys, but packaged with a Marvel Universe figure?

There are currently no plans to create inter company crossover packs. We feel the Marvel line still has a lot left to explore on its own!

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