With the holidays looming, now’s the time to start searching out the really unique gifts for all your geekiest friends. This one is perfect for the Little Shop of Horrors fan in your life.

Medium Audrey II display piece that I produce and sell. 1/1/ scale, Lifesize as seen in the film. fully painted and ready for display.
Features poseable neck, leaves, and opening mouth. Tongue is not moveable.
The mouth can open and close, however, to keep the mouth always open, the head may have to be tilted back a bit…as gravity will do its thing.
I have been producing these since 2012.
These are made to order and each one differs slightly.
Once your Audrey is completed, i will message you with pics of the Audrey you will receive, please respond back as not to delay shipping.

If you’ve got an extra $250 to spare, you can pick one up HERE