Bandai has released new promo images of their upcoming 6″ Classic and Modern ThunderCats figures which are due out later this year and early next year.

Shown below are the new 6″ Classic Mumm-Ra and Lion-O figures as well as new 6″ Modern Tygra and Cheetara figures. The new 6″ Classic Lion-O figure is similar to the 8″ version which Bandai recently released, however it has a new angry screaming head.

Fans of the 8″ Classic figures should be glad to know that the 8″ figures will still continue to see release somewhere down the line. Possibly as a convention exclusive. An 8″ Classic Cheetara is said to be next in line for release.

I’m not sure how I feel about Bandai’s sudden change of heart with the new 6″ Classics. Honestly, Bandai probably should have just stuck to their guns. People may have complained about the scale, but they still bought them. Now, collectors are forced to literally rebuy the Classics and the new 6″ Classic Lion-O is a much inferior product, making the change that much harder.