If you’re looking for a way to spend some money while you sit at home and slowly eat all of your quarantine supplies, Sideshow has got you covered. They’ve just released the Batman and Joker Noir figures on their site. They are in-stock and limited to just 500 pcs each.

Batman (Noir Version) Sixth Scale Figure by Sideshow Collectibles

“My disguise must be able to strike terror into their hearts.  I must be a creature of the night…”

Sideshow presents the Batman (Noir Version) Sixth Scale Figure, lurking in the shadows of your DC Comics collectibles.

He has become one with the night. The Batman (Noir Version) Sixth Scale Figure is cloaked in a tailored fabric Batsuit that gives Bruce Wayne a unique monochromatic appearance. His costume features a grey undersuit with the bat-symbol on the chest, along with dark briefs and his signature bat wing cape. He also wears a pair of black sculpted boots and a pair of ridged gauntlets, along with a grey utility belt. Batman’s head sculpt is inspired by his comic book appearance, wearing a stylized cowl with white eyes creating the iconic silhouette of Gotham City’s vigilant defender.

The Batman (Noir Version) Sixth Scale Figure has a muscled body design, articulated for a variety of action-packed poses. Equipped with an arsenal of bat-gadgets, Batman comes with two styles of Batarang to hold, as well as three sets of sculpted hands, including right and left fists, batarang grips, and dynamic gesture hands.

Shine a light in the darkness and summon the Batman (Noir Version) Sixth Scale Figure to your DC display today!

MSRP: $225


The Joker (Noir Version) Sixth Scale Figure by Sideshow Collectibles

“I don’t hate you because I’m crazy… I’m crazy because I hate you!”

What’s black and white and demented all over? Sideshow presents The Joker (Noir Version) Sixth Scale Figure, joining the universe of Sideshow’s DC Comics collectibles.

The Joker Sixth (Noir Version) Scale Figure features an intricately tailored costume in dapper black, white, and grey tones, giving the Clown Prince of Crime a uniquely vintage appearance. His costume consists of a fabric suit jacket and pants, a vest, a dress shirt, and a bow tie. He also has a sculpted lapel flower, shoes with sculpted spats, and ten different gloved hands; a pair of grip hands, a pair of fists, a pair of card-holding hands, and additional hands for pointing, holding his cane and gun, and a hand with a gag buzzer.

The Joker (Noir Version) Sixth Scale Figure has an articulated body, perfect for crafting any number of clownish or cruel poses in your collection. His monochromatic portrait is inspired by his DC Comics appearance, complete with his signature makeup, coiffed hair, and a sinister smile. The figure comes with a number of detailed accessories for executing The Joker’s most devious schemes, including The Joker card, a cane, a crowbar, and a knife.

Terrorize the town and get the best of Batman when you add The Joker (Noir Version) Sixth Scale Figure to your DC collection today!

MSRP: $240