While this new toy might not fit in well with your growing collection of McFarlane’s DC Multiverse Batman figures, it’s the kind of playset that we would have killed for as kids.

The new playset is part of Spin Master’s new Bat-Tech Line and it is one of the coolest kid’s toys we’ve seen in a while. What starts off as a 30 inch tall Batman that would look awesome in your playroom opens up into an almost 3-foot tall playset of the batcave!

The playset has 10 different areas to play in, including a training area (complete with training dummy), a grappling hook area, a weapons locker, several computer areas, a cell for villains, several platforms, and the main Bat-Computer area. Additionally, there’s an elevator that the included Batman figure can use to move through all the levels, triggering interactive sounds. The Bat-Tech transforming Batcave playset is perfect for any 4″ figures, which means it could also be a great place to play with some of 3.75″ figures as well.