There are very few times a meme can sum up a time in humanity perfectly, and there are even fewer times when two memes can do it in a perfectly complementary way. We’re talking about the way KC Green’s This is Fine dog and 100% Soft’s Dumpster Fire so succinctly summed up the events of 2020. Both have become iconic memes that have crossed the barrier into merch. 100% Soft has released several vinyl editions of his Dumpster Fire and KC Green saw his pup become a popular Funko Pop! Now the two artists have come together to create a perfect union with the “This is Fine” Dumpster Fire.

Missing Comic-Con this year? Us too! But we’re here to help ease your pain. Introducing the “This is Fine” edition of the Dumpster Fire toy, the perfect antidote for a world on fire, available HERE Saturday July 24th at 11am PT  🔥

I hit up perfect human KC Green (@kcgreenn), the cartoonist behind the infamous Question Hound “This is Fine”panel from his Gunshow webcomic, and asked if he might be interested in combining the two greatest forces in “things on fire”energy to create the ultimate mash-up toy.

I’ve been a big fan of KC’s work for a long time and am beyond excited to see this come to life. KC was even gracious enough to draw the brand new box art for this edition.