The MYBU: Perfect Match series is an innovative new 3″ platform toy recently launched by BUBU CO LTD. The line features a number of different characters and variations as well as a designer crossover series in the works for 2009.

The MYBU comes in 5 different flavores: Babybu, Astrobu, Debonairbu, IceCreambu and Trendybu – in male and female characters for a total of 10 figures in a complete set. The MYBU figure is high on detail from the lacy langerie to a secret tattoo they have hidden underneath their clothes. Figures come in a windowed box, stand 3″ tall and features removable clothing and accessories- meaning the more figures you collect, the more designs you can create using their interchangeable clothing.

MYBU is currently available in the US through Diamond Comics Distribution and their respective vendors with a SRP of $9.99 USD