As we here at Youbentmywookie get more and more educated about the world of Vinyl toys, we’re finding out that unlike the regular market, the custom pieces are often more highly sought after than any chase or variant piece from a mainstream toy line. These one of a kind customs by some of the greatest artists in the world can fetch hundreds and even thousands of dollars a piece and can become just about as addictive as heroine with a cocaine chaser.

Vinyl Pulse just announced an amazing show that is coming up for one of the world’s top custom artists, Leecifer. The amount of customs that this guy churns out is insane and the quality of his work makes you wish you had 1/10 his imagination.

The show is called “Big Hairy Deal” and it is a joint show with Joshua Herbolsheimer. It opens this Saturday March 21st, 2009 at Super7 in San Francisco.

Here’s the address for details:
Super7 Store
1630 Post Street
San Francisco, CA 94115

Now, check out this gallery of some of the mindblowing pieces that Leecifer has done. Also, His Custom Stitch from Disney will be on display at the FX Show in Orlando Florida from April 17-19, 2009 along with over fifty others as part of the US launch of the Stitch Experiment 626 Custom Tour Which is being Produced by MINDstyle and sponsored by Vinyl Pulse.