I’ve always been up for a decent Mazinger mash up. I loved Mazinger as a kid (even though I always knew it as Tranzor-Z). Panda Z has created some excellent panda themed Mazinger figures. I think Disney even made some pretty good ones. It only made sense that Sanrio and Hello Kitty will eventually get in on the action.

The announcement came today from Bandai, via this anime short:

So far, three toys have been unveiled from the collaborate.

– A Hello Kitty toy in the colors and likeness of Mazinger Z, which includes a pop-open cockpit featuring a Hello Kitty mini-figure in Koji Kabuto’s uniform.

– A Mazinger Z toy using the Super Robot Chogokin Mazinger Z as a base, and painted in Hello Kitty colors. It includes a special belt for its Jet Scrander pack that features a Hello Kitty symbol.

– A Chogokin toy of Sanrio character My Melody.

My Melody will be out later this month. The other two will hit in May and June.

SOurce: Rocketnews