I was pretty happy with the coffee table that I got for 20 bucks at Goodwill until I saw what might be one of the coolest pieces of furniture ever created.

Sure, it’ll set you back almost $4,400 and it will probably take you hours every week to keep it dusted (especially if you’ve got a cat), but who wouldn’t want a coffee table that looks like one of the most famous scenes from Christopher Nolan’s Inception.

We can thank Stelios Mousarris for this creation, made of wood, steel and 3D printing, but we have to suggest that he’s left valuable money on the table (no pun intended). All he had to do was embed a small sound mechanism that was triggered by a magnet under the table top. Then, just include a replica of DiCaprio’s spinning top. Whenever you spin the top on the table, it would trigger that god awful base honk that Hans Zimmer overused in the film. He probably could have bumped up the cost by at least a thousand dollars.

Source: The awesomer