Why are these figures going to Kickstarter?

We’re trying something new! Chronicle Collectibles owes our existence to our community of fans and collectors. We haven’t needed to crowdfund a collectible statue, prop replica, or figure before. However, we have big plans for our 1:12 TrueScale line of Jurassic World franchise figures and want to be sure everyone hears about them. So, we’re headed to Kickstarter soon!

When will the Kickstarter begin?
As of now, we don’t have a set date, as we are waiting on asset approvals and final prototypes. However, we are hoping to launch this campaign, which is 65 million years in the making, during this summer blockbuster season!

What scale and size are these figures?

These figures are 1:12 scale. Our TrueScale Blue Velociraptor stands approximately 6 inches tall and is approximately 12 inches long.

What are TrueScale figures?

TrueScale figures are designed to be to as close to their on-screen counterpart in height and proportions as we can make them. Meaning these collectibles are true to the character. Collectors can rest assured that when Dr. Alan Grant is displayed next to Dr. Ian Malcom that our favorite chaotician will indeed be taller.

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