Cross has been around since pretty much the dawn of writing… at least that’s how it feels. I can’t remember a time in my life when there wasn’t a Cross pen on my desk, or when a Cross pen set wasn’t a go to Bar Mitzvah Gift from your aunt or uncle. I think I might have actually gotten three or four for mine.

Now, Cross has just unveiled a new line that takes them a little out of the Bar Mitzvah range and into the actually pretty damned cool arena with their new Designer Line of Star Wars Pens. The pens range from $45 for the click pen, to $75 for the pen and journal sets, to $575 a piece for the limited edition numbers pens and feature Darth Vader, C3P0, and Storm Troopers. Surprisingly, there’s no Boba Fett, Yoda or R2D2. There’s also nothing for the new films as of yet (I bet a Kylo Ren or Captain Phasma pen would be gorgeous).

You can pick up the pens HERE

Or, you can try your luck when we give away a Darth Vader pen in our Annual Holiday Gift Guide next month!