Diamond Select recently uploaded some prototype images of their upcoming Ghostbuster “Terror Dog” light-up statue. By far, the most badass ghosts from Ghostbusters next to Stay Puft. I can’t wait for this to come out (and shame on Mattel for not having made any in plastic figure form yet). I’m getting two and displaying then as bookends!

From Diamond Select:
“OK, so, she’s a dog.” While not Dana Barret’s finest moment, we all fondly remember the time when the two dogs perched on either side of the steps waiting for the arrival of Gozer. Now, Diamond Select Toys is giving you the chance to recreate that moment in your home with the Ghostbusters “Terror Dog” light-up statue. Here are some in-progress pictures, including the finished Bill Mancuso sculpt, and the great job painter Jason Wires did of capturing the look of the beast. As of this writing, the factory is getting the electronics finalized, but since I was blogging anyway, I thought I’d share a shot of the light-up feature taken for review purposes. Enjoy!