DKE Toys is proud to present their signature Sperm series plushies design by artist Shane Geil! There are three to the collection, regular Sperm, Fudge Sperm and a special Valentine Sperm. From the press:

Realizing its chances of making it to the pulsing orb were slim to none, Sperm decides to break away from the pack. Remembering its favorite movie “Poltergeist” Sperm swims back against the mindless masses and heads straight for the light. Sperm, now on its own and with just 72 hours of life to live, is looking for someone very special. Won’t you let Sperm wiggle its way up one of your canals?

Designed by Shane Geil. Each plush sperm is approximately 10″ long. Suggested Retail $12.


Introducing Fudge Sperm. Fudge Sperm has the same wholesome goodness of regular Sperm, except that he’s been wriggling around in a different place. A darker more mysterious place. But to silly Fudge Sperm it’s just another crazy adventure! Stinky little guy is just having some fun. Won’t you take Fudge Sperm home and let him have an adventure in your secret place?

Handmade by Shane Geil. Limited Edition of 500. Suggested Retail $18

Sperm on My Valentine!

21 inch sperm for Valentines Day. Plush pink body with 4 hearts.
Hand made, signed and numbered by Shane Geil. Limited Edition of 100. Suggested Retail $25