As you may recall from Thor Ragnarok (and if you haven’t seen it yet, why the hell are you reading this?), The God of Thunder lost a couple important things during the course of the film, namely: his hammer and his eye.

Concept art and trailers for Avengers Infinity War have been cryptic on the status of both items thus far, but there’s a newly leaked photo of an upcoming Funko Pop! Thor figure from the film that may shine some light on both of them.

There are several fan theories from the first trailer that have people believing a portion of the film will be devoted to Thor seeking out a new astral forge so that he can make a new hammer. If the toy is to be believed, it looks like he’ll succeed and end up with a war hammer a lot closer to Stormbreaker than his previous Moljnir. As for the missing eye, his toy is sporting a scar, but it looks like his depth perception will have been returned to him.

Source: CBM