Matty has just posted early packaged samples of the first variant of He-Man in his all new Battle Armor! From Matty on Facebook:

He-Man comes with removable chest armor with a pop out chest plate. Just snap in any one of the three chest plates to recreate the look of the spinning armor mechanism from the vintage toy. This toy does not feature a spinning tumble, but does include all three chest plates – standard, one smash, and my personal favorite, two smashes!

He also comes with his heroic Battle Axe just like in the famous painting of Battle Armor He-Man on top of Battle Cat. (anyone have the art book?)

And speaking of Battle Cat. We just got samples of him in package too, but the corners are all bent up. Bleh. We’ll try to fix it up and make it photo ready and get that up soon too. The final toy will obviously have a perfect package. (or as close as possible!)

Battle Armor He-Man goes on sale January 15th, only on He is considered a “bonus” figure and is not included in the 2010 Club Eternia subscription.