Yes, you read that right. Children’s classic “The Berenstain Bears” is now being adapted for the silver screen. Shawn Levy, director of “Cheaper By The Dozen” and “Night at the Museum,” is set to helm this beloved children’s series.

While it’s confirmed that Levy will produce, there’s no word yet on whether he’ll direct.

“The Berenstain Bears” is about a family of four bears, Papa Bear, Mama Bear, Brother Bear and Sister Bear that live in Bear Country with other bears. But that may change for the movie which is envisaged as a mix of CGI and live-action. According to Levy, “The comedy comes from this bear family coexisting in a more recognizably real world.” Does this mean the Bears may live in our human “mundy” world? Probably. Does this mean we’ll have another one of our nostalgic childhood memories bastardized? Most likely.

Levy also adds that, “I’d like the film to be un-ironic about its family connections but have a wry comedic sensibility that isn’t oblivious to the fact that they’re bears.” He compares it to the tone of “Elf” staring Will Ferrell, adding that it should be “witty but not sarcastic.”

“The Berenstain Bears” is aiming for a release date late in 2011 despite having no director, no finished concept art, or screenplay. All of which does not bold well for the adaption of one of my favorite children series.

Source: USA Today