Back in October, we mentioned that NECA had acquired the rights to produce consumer products around the 30th Anniversary of the film “E.T.: The Extra Terrestrial” next year. Merchandise would include action figures, plush, toys, bobble heads, giftware, and more.

Today, courtesy of Idle Hands, we now have our first look at some of NECA’s new offerings that include everything from E.T. action figures series 1, E.T. replica hand with light up finger to E.T. head knocker.

Here’s the full run down of what we’ll see from NECA. Look for all these products to hit sometime in March.:

-E.T. Action Figures Series 1 – with Galactic Friends E.T. (with his towel and bag of Reese’s Pieces) & Dress Up E.T. (in full on old lady battle gear).
– E.T. in his Space Ship
– E.T. Bendy Figure
– E.T. Replica Hand with Light Up Finger
– E.T. Head Knocker