Spotted on eBay recently is this epically legendary Battle Cat Spring Bouncer. Considered one of the rarest vintage Masters of the Universe collectibles, it’s basically your typical horse spring ride but with the ferocious battling tiger, Battle Cat!!! When it first debuted in 1985, it was $70 and nearly impossible to find. 25 long years later it has resurfaced on [scalp]eBay for a mere $12,000.00. But really what’s $12,000.00 for something so legendary?

From the Battle Cat Spring Bouncer auction:
This is BATTLE CAT spring bouncer!!! One of the hardest He-Man collection toys to get your hands on!!! All original springs frame and wood dowels. This piece lands on one of the most wanted of all He-Man toys collectors lists. Battle-Cat measures 23″ x 14″ x 41″. It has adjustable height and is made of sturdy plastic with wood handles! Tough to find and in 1985 retailed for a average of $69.99.

Check out these images from eBay seller 4labdogs who’s selling this magnificent beast below. In the meantime, I shall be outside panhandling for that $12,000 large.

Source: Cooltoyreview

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  1. yeah but how much is worth? my house burned down and i have to have a price for the insurance, can anyone tell me how much it is really worth, has anyone seen one actually sell? any info would really help

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