You know what makes my heart skip a beat? Like really makes my heart jump? TOYS! And I’m not talking about just regular toys you see, I’m talking about these insanely contracted condense lil’ entities that are manipulated vinyl/plastic/PVC forms of ART! Yes I said it, they are art. Beautifully constructed from creative minds is what makes up these toys. From a regular person’s imagination, to games, cartoons, whatever we grown to love, they seem to make them all into collectibles. In my free time I love taking a day off to walk by all the toys stores around my town that have endless amounts of figures ranging from old school mecha i.e. Gundams to wickedly funny squishy and soft plushies that are shapes of bears, fruit and even body parts! Oh and we cant forget the blind boxes that make you wanna buy a ton until you get that ONE character you’ve been yearning your heart out for. There are even toys for the hardcore collector, where you can put together a model, piece by piece until you get them together to form your fantasy figure. :D

First let’s start out with a few of my favorites. I really love Gundam Models toys. They are made of plastic/non-plastic parts, that come in variants in size, shape and color, which are model kits that represent the mechas, cars, and/or characters of the fictional Mobile Suit Gundam universe. Model kits that I like are of course all things mecha. For one of my images I assembled a kit for the mecha to be placed behind me in my shoot for my Rei Ayanami cosplay. Mecha models come in a zillion pieces but they are fun to put together. Aggravating at times, but rewarding as hell when you’re done. For this image I used a “Revoltech” EVA Unit-00 Prototype, the mecha that is piloted by Rei Ayanami from the anime series, Neon Genesis Evangelion. Eva Unit 00 Prototype is about 6″ tall, with movable joints, and interchangeable parts, it was definitely fun to see a hand held size replica of one of my favorite anime’s come to life in my hands. :Insert child-like imagination: :D

There are tons toys that are made from games which I come across. But there is one in particular that is from our friends at Kotobukiya. It is one of my favorite shooter games ever made, IKARUGA, by the makers of Treasure, a game that came out for the Sega Dreamcast a few years back. The sculptors surpassed my dreams in making this come true. I nearly jumped off my chair when I saw this image! The Ikaruga fighter plane prototype made its appearance at the, “All Japan Hobby Model Show” this year, and seeing the images always make me feel so in love every time! ::faints:: I’m unsure of the release date of this toy, but I hear rumors that its coming out sometime during March of 2011. I will be waiting IMPATIENTLY until that day arrives! . .

I have a soft spot for the unknown (no pun intended). I love blind boxes, toys that are from a series of anime, styles, games, etc. that you don’t know which toy you’ll end up getting. Its like winning the lottery when you get the one you want, or the fun part is guessing which one you’ll get by shaking it. I’ve done it all and really its all by chance… or you can say luck. The ones I’m most proud of is my collection of anime blind box sets. If I had to list my favorite two that I own is my Berserk and Ranma 1/2 Inuyasha set. Gotta show love for the oldskool!

If you’re like me and you just love everything, I do have a sweet adoration for all toys relating to indie artists and as a dedication to my love of all things toys/figures, I decided to do a partial shoot in my room/office where I do my work in. And if you recognize some of them, they are of my favorites.

I like to keep all these toys close while I work because they inspire me.

Some figures range from nearly a decade ago, to many that are unreleased to the public. Luckily for me when I’m lonely I have these guys to keep me company. ^__^

Alas, there is my short list of things that I love, what you should check out, and the feelings that spurt out of some of us that makes our wallets angry but our hearts happy whenever we look at these toys. :D Now go out and pick up one!!!

Here’s a pic of me with some of my collection. Now, send me pics and YouTube videos of you with your collection. I’ll pick out the two coolest collections next week and you’ll win a copy of the Gardener 10th Book by Michael Lau from MINDstyle Toys. Send the pics and links HERE. Contest ends December 3rd.

Image source: Hobby Stock

One thought on “Linda Le’s Toy Stories + Michael Lau’s ‘Gardener 10th Book’ Contest”

  1. Hey Linda what a brilliant article. You certainly have quite a collection. I’ve had a lot of toys over the years, but normally i would never call them that, lol. I don’t have so many now, but most of mine were from comics, being a comic collecter for many years, mainly Batman. In fact i have so much Batman stuff all over the place. I also used to have some collectibles from Macross Plus (one of my favourites) and Neon Genesis Evangelion. I’ve also had horror and game collectibles over the years, (resident evil and final fantasy VII) although the only thing surviving is a Bruce Campbell figure. Oh i almost forgot some Invader Zim stuff as well. And oh what i would do if i ever came across some Totoro toys!

    Unfortunately i feel that collectors get taken advantage of a lot. There’s just too much stuff out there to buy, and far too many ‘limited’ editions. High on price and low on quality. But of course if you are in to something you’re going to buy it.However there is also great stuff out there, and it’s a personal choice if you are going to spend your money. Next year i’m going to New York Comic Con though so hopefully i wont succumb too much ;)

    I think its great though that you love all your toys, and knowing you im not surprised one bit! I’d love to see more pics of your collection. I’ll some pics of mine if you like.

    Keep up the good work! ^^

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