Hasbro Pulse Con went live just five minutes ago, and you can watch all of the action on the Youtube link below. Right now, they are speaking about Magic: The Gathering, but there are panels for Marvel and Star Wars coming up later this afternoon, including the official reveal of what may be five different holiday-themed Star Wars figures, each one limited to 5,000 pcs.

Here’s the full schedule for the day:

11:05 AM – Wizards Magic: The Gathering Presents: Zendikar Rising Live 11:45 AM – Dungeons and Dragons Presents: Dragon Talk
12:25 PM – Joe Manganiello’s Guide For Dungeon Masters
01:00 PM – HeroQuest Panel
01:30 PM – Hasbro Star Wars Panel
02:30 PM – Hasbro Star Wars HasLab Panel
03:00 PM – Star Wars Entertainment Panel
03:25 PM – Hasbro Marvel Panel
04:45 PM – Musical Performance: Lights