Marvel recently revisited live-action horror with the long-delayed release of New Mutants. Unfortunately, it wasn’t as successful as they had hoped. Now, their newest outing in the genre, a live-action series based on the comic book Helstrom is nearing release on Hulu and we are all hoping it’s better than New Mutants. Thankfully, the first trailer has just dropped and it looks like we could be up for a solid, possibly even good, adaptation of the story.

The character Daimon Helstrom has been around since the 70s in Marvel Comics, first introduced as the Son of Satan in an old issue of Ghost Rider. Given that the now-cancelled Ghost Rider series was also supposed to be on Hulu, you can bet that there were probably already some plans for the characters to crossover in the works.

In the new series Tom Austen places Daimon while his sister, Santana is played by Sydney Lemmon. They are seem to be part of a squad that tackles demonic activity in what we think is going to be part of the actual MCU… depending on the show’s success. Expect a lot more on Helstrom in coming weeks as the new series is set to debut on Hulu October 16.