Press Release:

Mattel Unveils New Masters of the Universe™ Masterverse™ Toy Line Ahead of Upcoming Animated Series Masters of the Universe: Revelation

I still remember playing with my He-Man™ and Skeletor™ action figures as a kid in the eighties. I would recreate epic battles while watching the television series about the mythical world of Eternia. He-Man was, and will always be, my #1 action figure hero.

Which is why I am personally excited about the relaunch of Masters of the Universe. This year, we are reintroducing Masters of the Universe to the world, starting with a new animated series that picks up the storyline from where the characters left off in the eighties – Masters of the Universe Revelation, premiering on July 23 on Netflix.  We are also introducing a complementary line of toys that will enable fans to bring these iconic characters to life at home.

The new Masterverse collection consists of six action figures with highly detailed designs. Figures feature at least 30 points of articulation for extreme pose-ability and come with each character’s unique accessories. For example, He-Man has his power sword and shield while Battle Cat™ comes with his trademark armor and helmet. Specific offerings, which will be available at major retailers on June 15, include:

  • The Masterverse Core Assortment – 7” He-Man, Skeletor, Moss Man™ and Evil-Lyn™ action figures.
  • Masterverse Skelegod™ – A 9” action figure which also comes with an alternate pair of hands, one weapon and one flame accessory.
  • Masterverse Ultimate Battle Cat™ – A 14”-long action figure with detachable armor and helmet that, once removed, reveals the character’s alter ego, Cringer™.
  • And, we will be introducing additional characters to the collection later this fall.

Last year, we set the stage for the 2021 reboot of Masters of the Universe through the launch of nostalgic action figures and a Castle Grayskull™ playset, that offer a retro play experience, to much fanfare. Our new line, designed for collectors and new fans alike, provides a modern interpretation of these classic characters, and I can’t wait for you to check it out.