You can’t swing a dead cat without seeing an ad or poster for Frank Miller’s new adaptation of Will Eisner’s classic hero, The Spirit. We’ve even seen a lot of the toys that will be hitting the market. Well, now we get a chance to see what Hot Toys, one of the greatest 1/6th figure companies in the world will be doing with some of the characters. Check out what they’ve got planned for the movie’s main character.

The SPIRIT stands approximately 31cm tall and features with highly articulated Hot Toys figure body with over 32 points of articulation. The masked avenger also features:

Black shirt and pants

Leather-like belt

Trench coat

Detailed head sculpt capturing the likeness of Gabriel Macht with non-removable mask

The Spirit’s trademarked fedora

Red tie



One powerful firearm – a combination of assault rifle and shotgun comes with removable shells and cartridge

Alternative hands

Figure display base featuring THE SPIRIT logo and nameplate